Thursday, December 14, 2017

When the pieces of the puzzle come together

First, I cannot believe it is already Thursday. Secondly, I cannot believe it is already December 14th! This month is just flying by, let alone this last quarter of 2017. I mean seriously! But in that same shocking existence I am realizing that the puzzles of the mystery I have been living are all coming together and the beauty of the final image is just amazing!

Online we often share only the beautiful parts of our lives, yet I can attest to sharing with you quite a bit of things that have been a bit on the ugly side in the last year. But in the same breath, I have also been able to share some pretty miraculous turn arounds and can honestly say the lives of my family should be a living testimony to anyone who will listen that things do turn around. Even if we feel like we can no longer take one more moment of despair, we must hold faith that it won't last forever. There is always a morning, and always an evening. Time doesn't stand still, neither will you stand still stuck in whatever it is you are going through.

At the beginning of 2017 I was "stuck" in a career that I was growing to hate more and more everyday. Not because of what I did but who I did it with. And not the little ones under 4 feet tall who spoke their minds and hearts so freely. No, I hated working with the ones above four feet tall who said one thing to your face and other things to anyone else that would listen all while smiling and acting like nothing is the matter. My husband was unemployed. We had a senior graduating High School and I found myself unable to make a single promise to my kids and know that I could keep it. Everything just felt like it was spinning out of control. I was losing faith, courage, hope, and I could tell that my husband had grown weary of praying and feeling like his prayers were going unheard. Ya'll have heard this song and dance enough times that I do not have to play it out all over again.

You know that I am very much happy in a new career right?! You also know that my husband is pretty much permanently hired with his new company as well right?! Our daughter has a new job and is loving it and doing well. The boys are doing very well in school and to say the The King family is thriving would almost be an understatement. Seriously!

No longer teaching, was a bit weird at first when it came to this Holiday season. For so many years I would come home exhausted and basically creatively spent that I had nothing left to give my family, let alone myself. Over the years, this blog has suffered. My Youtube channel has suffered. I would put my goals and dreams on the back burner and soon they would get so cozy there that that no longer beckoned for me to play with them. Then came the realization through my new career honeymoon glow that I would not have a long winter vacation over Christmas and I for just a sliver of a second became sad. It didn't' last long though because I knew I would still get to spend extra time with my lovies as they were freed from the hustle and bustle for a couple of weeks. Then I came into work one day this week and found out that I was going to be given a paid Christmas vacation to be with my family for the week of Christmas. That means.... 11 days off in a row and seven of them being paid for like any other day. :)

Ya'll have no idea how happy I genuinely am! Like taking that first breath after putting a puzzle together that has taken forever to do. My life now takes my breath away in a good way! To 2017, I have to say THANK YOU because you helped me release some things that I needed to so that I could be free to embrace the loveliness you had in store for me all along!

To you, reading this, thank you! Thank you for always being there for me to share my journey and may my life be used to encourage and inspire others in their's.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Change your words ~ Change your world

So, it began yesterday... well sorta. See, I have been on a journey to understand the power of the spoken word. Did you realize the words you use could command angels on your behalf? It's like putting an order in for food ~ you get what you order. 

Changing your words, changes the mindset and in turn will change the world around you!
I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I was made in God's image so that I am full of grace, kindness, peace, love, and joy. I am abundant and prosperous and God has an unlimited amount of resources, plenty to go around ~ we lack nothing in our lives. I am creative, and given opportunities every day to use that creativity. I am full of ideas and potential to make a difference in this world. I am unique and beautiful and a prized treasure for my husband. I am confident, I am bold. I am Sheila and there is not another person in this world like me. I am healthy and happy.

That was my Facebook post this morning. Every since yesterday, I have had this burning desire to work on my daily "I Am" statements ~ and decided why not just sit on FB and let them flow. That is what I came up with, and honestly I am very pleased! I do have some personal ones I am going to add to that and I plan on speaking these out  loud twice a day every day for the next thirty days and I will share the "evidence" that I am seeing from my verbal "order". 

Seriously, let's think about this. Imagine your hungry and ready to order your supper. Ravenous even. Are you going to say "Just give me whatever, and I'll make it work" or are you going to order what you really want?! Even if you are in a bad mood your not going to say 'Give me a burnt burger, soggy fries, and melted milkshake" no! It would be more like "I'd like a cheeseburger please with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, mustard and pickles. Crispy fries on the side, and a peppermint shake with extra whip cream!" When we order food we are picky and specific. Why are we not so picky and specific with our words all the time? We let whatever comes out sometimes loose ~ with no regard to the return it is going to give you. 

I challenge you this Christmas season to watch your words and reap the return in life you desire. If you complain, you will continue to receive things/circumstances to complain about. If you are full of appreciation, you will receive more things/circumstance to e appreciate over. Your words REALLY do have that much POWER! 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Oh Come

We have all heard the song, sang the song and can pretty much sing it in our sleep. But this morning this song has a deeper presence in my heart and the only way I can figure out why is to blog about it. See writing (and blogging) for me is pretty much like how it is for others who try to put a puzzle together. While I know the outcome, the process is what makes writing so precious. It is what makes every writer unique because even when we think we know the outcome, we are often surprised ourselves. Anyhoo, this blog post is already off topic as per usual! HAHA! "Oh come, let us adore Him" is a time old Christmas song, sang by believers and non believers alike. We hear it in many versions throughout the season, in backgrounds to movies, while shopping, even in the car. When my babies were little, I used to rock and sing to them, and regardless of the time of year, I would softly sing this song. It was my hearts desire for my children to know the living God and His son Jesus deeper than I ever did as a child. 

This morning as I was taking the dog out for her morning run in the backyard I looked up to the sky as I often do, and this song penetrated my heart. Deep within, more than ever before. As I sang the songs the words struck me. There are meaning in those words, yet many of us just sing it to sing it. So, I want to this morning break down these words so that I can rest in the knowledge as well, and share the meaning with you. 

Oh Come ~ It is like an invite. See God is a gentleman and he doesn't make too many demands. In fact He doesn't make any demands ~ doctrine does. See, even in Christianity, or whatever you may believe, there is a manual of sorts. Much like an employee manual. It has the rules, the consequences, and the benefits all laid out. It's up to us to learn it and to live it. He doesn't make demands ~ his requirements are there for everyone to freely read. We may be missing out on many benefits because we chose to skim through it reading only the parts that we think are important without realizing the fine print, the print we skimmed quickly through really was the important part.   He however, invites us to His presence much like when you or I invite a friend over for coffee, to watch the game, or for a big meal. He loves our company, and in this instance, He wants us to come and see! Have you ever been to a  sip and see, or even just visited with someone who had something they wanted to show you? A new baby, A priced possession, or maybe even just desired your company. They invite you with kindness, joy, and a purpose. 

All Ye Faithful ~ Oh He lines it out right there! He wants the faithful to come! That means he needs those without doubt, who will believe what their eyes will see because it is that amazing! When you share whatever it is that you will see, He wants you the faithful to believe it, so that when you share it others may believe too. Also, have you ever shared something so great with someone who was a naysayer? Oh, i have. And what a disappointment it was! Here I was sharing one of the greatest things that ever happened to me ~ and yet the one person I so wanted to share it with, sucked the life and joy right out of it because of their doubt and negativity. Honestly, the more it happens, the less I want to be with them. The less I want to share with them. 

Joyful ~ He doesn't want you to come to this magnificent event all sad, depressed, angry, hurt, pointing out people's faults, pointing out your own faults, full of greed, malice, and envy. No! He wants you to come, faithfully come, with JOY and no doubt in your heart. He wants you to be able to see the WHOLE picture for what it is, not what you believe it is. He wants you to experience the MAGIC of the MOMENT of His presence, not the presence of guilt, shame, regret. See when I see a truly joyful person, there is a light that is upon their face. You can see it. Some people call it a glow, others just notice a difference. But JOY cannot be faked, no it is truly a GENUINE feeling deep within that just flows out from every pore in their being. 

And Triumphant ~ Triumphant means that you have overcome adversity. You have come through whatever life event that was troubling you and now you have won the battle! You have found victory! When God calls us to come triumphantly He is reminding us that we ALL will and have faced many trials in life, but just as He is ever present in our lives, He wants us to live this expectant life knowing that at the end of the trial, there will be victory! WE need to walk in this victory every single day! We need to stop over thinking, stop over criticizing, and stop over analyzing because when we do, we are taking these trials in our own hands and not letting the one who is ready to Defend, Up Hold, and Fight for what's right. Sure we might think we can do it on our own, and that God is too busy, but really we need to back off and allow HIM that privilege. See it is his PLEASURE to help us, guide us, and lead us through these trials. When we act like a stubborn three year old and storm off stomping our feet ~ all we are doing is making a bunch of noise that will not lead to victory and triumph.  

Come Ye oh Come Ye to Bethlehem ~ You have been invited to the throne room. Will you go? This was a double "invite" so that means to take extra notice because it was important enough to say it twice. I don't know about you, but to be honest when life gets busy I often forget to go to the throne room. It's like a last resort instead of a priority and right now, (this season) God is beckoning us to come to His throne room! Pleading as if to say, please come I have something important to tell you! Woah! How many important things have I missed out on because that visit to the throne room wasn't so important?

Come and Behold Him ~ OH my gracious ya'll! Not only does God want you to come to His throne room joyful, triumphant (walking in victory), but He wants you to see and adore His son ~ His only son that will walk the Earth without sin!! Your big Brother! The brother he wants you to see, to lead you, to guide you, to let you know that if you truly want to walk in righteousness, it can be done! He wants you to see that this beautiful perfect gift to the world is yours, and you are related! Come to the throne room, spend time with them both! Jesus said the ONLY way to the Father is through Him. God personally invited you to meet Jesus... so that YOU can be united with God! Have you ever just looked upon the face of a newborn and say "Wow!". God Almighty does that with you, and he celebrates that same "Wow" moment with every breath you take. 

Come, Let Us Adore Him ~ Adoration is often wasted on things that really don't matter, or take your focus away from things that really matter. Many adults adore their cel phones ~ they have replaced REAL relationships, ruined marriages, and have replaced parenting. Yet, only run to the feet of Jesus when life turns upside down. When you adore something it is all you can think about, all you want to spend your time doing/with, and you never hesitate to share about it. 

Christ The Lord ~ Is Christ the Lord in your life? Or is work? Alcohol? Drugs? When you have a Lord in your life, you honor them, you spend time with them, you know their desires for you and you match yours to it. As we approach Christmas I invite you to make Jesus, the Lord of your life! I invite you to enter into the throne room, with triumph and joy! This is the GREATEST time of the year, not because of the decorations, the shopping, the gifts, the food, but because it is the time we celebrate Jesus! It is a time when God calls us to come... to Him. He doesn't just ask, He pleads. 
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