Monday, October 22, 2018

Choosing Experience over Remembering the Details

I am finding myself at a new season, or in the least a refreshed season, in my life lately. One where I am once again letting go of taking in details, and instead embracing the experience for ... well, the experience. Nothing more, nothing less. 

I frustrate my husband because I can't seem to remember the details of the twins' football games, and to be honest, it was beginning to bother me too. I  mean, I know I am getting older (if you want to count 45 as older LOL) but I am seriously struggling to share details of the games with him. Then I get all flustered because I can't really remember or relate the details of the play with him like I want to.

Let's go back a few days. There I was taking in the game on Friday, relishing in the edge of your seat plays, the sounds of the band & cheer sqaud, and enjoying listening to excited chatter around me. I just sat there. Taking it in. Nothing more, nothing less. Then after the game I came home and joined my husband at a friend's house down the street to enjoy some adult conversation. We weren't there very long, but it was nice. Came home, messed around the house some, not really wanting to let the night go to bed so I stayed up until one of the twins came in from his celebratory after the winning game fun time at Wataburger (town tradition). I then went to bed at 2am! LOL Who am I?!

Saturday, when I arose, I group texted our teens (the one who lives out of town happened to be in town this weekend) to see if they still wanted to have a late morning movie date! Bought the tickets and got ready for the day. We went to watch Halloween, and I can say it was a fun time. I sat there ~ enjoying every  moment! The movie was decent, but the time with the kids and enjoying little side jokes and humor on the side, laughing, and simply just being was what made my heart soften some.

Later that afternoon I decided to drive to a corner store, where I bumped into a former preschool family from a few years ago. They are such a fun family, and always have something up their sleeve. To say that their family enjoys life to the fullest is an understatement! The Dad was dressed as a priest, the mom a Nun & the son a Ninja! HA! So when I go into the store I ask the clerk "What does a priest, a nun and a ninja have in common?" He laughed and said "I don't know what?" So, my clever answer was "They are all together in a truck outside of your store!". HAHA He did laugh but he told me that at first he thought he was real! LOL He said "I even called him 'Father'!" LOL I laughed so hard I almost had tears in my eyes.

It was in that moment that I realized what was happening. I was learning to enjoy the moment for what it is. A gift. A gift of NOW. A gift that can't be given by anyone else, but simply by letting go of the need to retain the details and enjoy the moment for what it is. See my first inclination was "I need to go share this on Facebook" and I realized that no, I really didn't. I can keep some of these amazing fun things to myself, at least for a little while. The only reason I am sharing it with you here on the blog, is that I wanted to show what I meant on a personal level and how I came to the realization of what really has been going on! I was seriously thinking something was happening inside my brain. And I guess you can say there was ~ but it was a good thing, not a negative one!

I challenge you today, this week, the rest of this year to begin to choose the experience over remembering the details so that you can share with someone else. See, letting go of that is what truly let me see what I was missing out on. I was missing out on the greatness of this moment of now even though I was right there. And to me that is sad.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Back to my roots!

I am returning to my "roots" of one pretty little box, back to where it was when I began blogging almost sixteen years ago. Back to those posts that encourage you in your homes as wives, mothers, home-keepers and yes even career-women. Back to sharing my faith more openly, giving you inspiration to live that Proverbs 31 wife life. Blog posts, morning live videos here on Facebook and Instagram stories, and digging in deeper on YouTube. I needed time, space, and clarity to figure out where I wanted to go. Where I fit in, in this crazy world wide web as we now know it. I hope your ready because honestly I am beaming with excitement! It is a journey I am ready to travel, and I hope you come along with me. 


Monday, March 19, 2018

Motivational Monday: How to align your daily habits for success

It is always my desire to see others succeed. It is my greatest joy when I can see goals being hit, met, and surpassed! And I am learning to celebrate them when I do it myself but let's be honest. Getting there isn't easy.

Your daily habits matter. MY daily habits matter. If those habits are aligned with our desired goal, it will take us ten times longer to see the results. It doesn't matter if it is a financial goal, career goal, relationship goal. The truth is, if your habits are not well ... in line with what you really want then the likelihood of you finding success is very difficult.

As I am writing this blog post, I think I hope they don't think I am lecturing them because in reality I am pretty much talking to myself. My own personal habits do not speak that of someone who wants to be a full time writer, speaker, and success coach. They do not speak of someone who wants to become a super start director with Scentsy either. They even do not speak of someone who wants to build their YouTube channel into something amazing.

In fact, lately, I have been speaking more about succeeding then actually doing what it takes to find that success that I want. So as I am sharing please know that this is a personal topic, not just fluff to have content.

What are your habits?
It really is important to know what  your current habits are. Many times we are not aware of the time and energy we waste doing nothing relevant to our goals. Now mind you ~ I know all too well sometimes that we need to just give ourselves a break. I KNOW this, and I purposely pick a day and do absolutely nothing. That is one of the most valuable days of my week ~ because afterwards I am much more apt to be more productive and focused. The problem however, comes on those busy days when I know if I just started my day differently ~ in turn I would hit more goals before the end of the day than ever before with more free time to be had. It's all about alignment and putting what is most important first.

How can you get back on track?
It's easier than you might imagine. All it takes is intention. When we set out with intention to do something, we make that choice ourselves, and in turn are motivated to make the changes needed to align our habits with the desired goal.

I for one have decided that my daily writing goal of 1000 words should be done in the morning before I leave for work. (Rather than watching YouTube videos that are not leading me to my goal) I already clean our house before I leave and that is usually done in about 30 minutes as I am getting ready for the day. Mind you, I am awake by 4:30 to get the husband out the door and off to work with breakfast and lunch made. He leaves around 5:15 and the twins leave for school around 6:25. So from 6:25 to about 8:20ish or so I am home alone. Plenty of time to tackle those 1000 words! So, why haven't I? I haven't made it a priority that's why.

I challenge you today to look at your habits and see what little things you can tweak that will lead you closer to your goal. Where are you wasting time, or how can you use the time you have better?

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