Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday: Keep your eye on your goals!

That's right! This post will not be very long but I hope it's long enough to make a lightbulb go off in that brain of yours, or in the least enough to spark that line of passion that is deep within you. You know the one I am talking about ~ writing a book, singing a song in front of a crowd, teaching a class, taking a class, starting your own business, starting your own ministry, or heck even doing stand up at a local comedy club. Do it! What are you waiting on?

Are you hearing negative feedback from those so called "friends"? Well let's face it ~ not every one has the same desire you do, nor do they understand the drive and passion behind yours.

Are you hearing negative feedback from yourself? Well why? Are you trying to do something that wasn't what YOU were called to do but your best friend is doing? Stop it! If the dream and goal you want to reach is authentic, it will not let you stay away from it too long. You will think about it day in and day out. That's okay! But stop just thinking. Do something today to put a step forward and get on the path that will lead you to the end result you desire!

I believe in you! It's time to start believing in yourself!


I also did a video today ~ that has a bit more depth into it. Go check it out! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tasty Tuesday: Chicken & Dumplings

I know every southern lady has her own recipe for this classic dish, but I thought since I was making this on Sunday for my family I would share mine! It was perfectly warm and delicious on a windy and rainy evening! This my version of his mother's dumplings so take it as you will for traditional or not.

1 whole chicken cut in half
3 stalks of fresh celery chopped
1 large yellow onion  chopped
1/2 stick of butter
2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Celery Salt
2 tsp Black Pepper
1 tsp White Pepper
1 tsp Chicken Seasoning
1/2 tsp Chipolte Chili Powder (*optional for a kick)
3 cans of biscuits (NOT Grands ~ but regular sized)
1 cup of flour
dash of salt
dash of pepper

1. In a large stock pot melt butter and saute veggies. Add in salt, pepper, celery salt, white pepper, chicken seasoning and chili powder. Top with chicken and cover with water.
2. Bring up to a boil and then turn down heat to Medium. Cook until chicken is done and broth has tons of flavor adding water as needed to keep chicken covered. (I usually cook mine for about an hour and a half.)
3. Remove chicken and de-bone. You can add all of the meat back into the stock, or reserve some for another meal. (I often use 1/2 and then use the other 1/2 for a casserole or chicken salad.) Be sure to taste the broth for any added seasoning that you might need. (This is a GREAT time to toss those bones, skin, and such into the crockpot with some celery and onion with salt and pepper for homemade chicken stock!)
4. In a bowl mix flour, dash of salt, dash of pepper. Set aside. Open a can of biscuits. One by one, roll them out flat then and cut into strips. Toss in the flour and set aside into another bowl. Continue with all three cans of biscuits.
5. Toss biscuits with a bit of remaining flour to make sure they are well coated.
6. Turn heat back on under chicken and broth and bring to a boil. Dump in dumplings and stir once. Lower heat to medium low and cook uncovered for 10 minutes. Cover and cook another 10 minutes.

:) This truly is one of my husband's favorite meals and I always like cooking for him things that he enjoys. This recipe never turns out the same each time I cook it. I gave you measurements for the seasonings but please note that it is only a guesstimate because I never measure them!


Monday, April 18, 2016

Motivation for your Monday: Express yourself

Today is a GREAT day for us to sit and talk about an important topic. You! Yep, that's right, we are going to talk about you! I happen to think you are amazing right now just as you are! Did you know that? Let's think about this for a minute. (Warning: This post is full of motivaiton, pictures, and other things that will trigger the emotion of gratitude for being who were naturally created to be. If this is not something you want to be triggered to do... click off and come back tomorrow!)

Let's face it, we are not perfect but we are enough. That is if you allow yourself the freedom to be enough without the constant hangover of wishing you were more. That's right I said hangover. No not from alcohol but from all the toxic and negative self talk  you have adapted as your daily mantra. Do it enough it becomes who you are ~ not necessarily to other people but to yourself. And ... if your seeing yourself as that way you lose sight on the whole reason you were created in the first place. We are all simply puzzle pieces in the moments of life and when we do our part of allowing the individual greatness of who were created to be flood the earth the puzzle comes together perfectly and with ease. The whole picture is painted and nothing is missing. The problem is though... when you try to be something your not, try to follow someone else's guidelines for you that do not line up with your true genuine self, or even try to live your life mimicking what you think your life should be like it not only robs YOU of living a life of greatness, but it robs the whole entire world!

You are creative, unique, and the ingredient that makes the recipe amazing! Choose to express yourself in a way that leaves an impression of who you are exactly. Don't leave people wondering what you are about.... let them KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt!

That's right. In a world where everyone wants to fit in or look like they fit the part, it is tough sometimes to allow yourself to be genuinely you. In fact to truly be EXACTLY who you were created to be sometimes takes a lot of work. Well... not to be who you were created to be, but to shuffle out all the garbage you accepted as who you are, but really wasn't. See, once you shuck off all that crap, you will feel a weight lifted off of you. Life becomes enjoyable and in fact you get to experience inspiration that comes from being YOU.

Thank you:
See those who want you to be them, follow their rules, or your not worth of them... they are trying to put you into a box. Their box. NO ONE has that right! NO ONE! I understand that some will want to share their faith with you and share scriptures of what you should do ~ but know that all scriptures (no matter your faith) are written to inspire, encourage, and get you to focus on becoming a better version of YOURSELF than you were before you found your faith ~ not a carbon copy of someone else (or their ideas of what it should look like). If we were ALL supposed to be one way ~ we would have been created that way. We would have the same brains, the same bodies, the same ideas, and the same visions. But no... life would be so boring that way, and when you were created to be in this moment of now, you were created just as you needed to be to make a difference ~ the RIGHT difference to balance the world out just as it needs to be right now. See.. you have an important job just being YOU!

Today I hope you are inspired to be the One of a Kind you were created to be! I love it when I find people to be genuinely themselves, and not a carbon copy of someone else. I love the way you express yourself when you are being you. Give the world the gift of you being genuinely you ~ and watch the world around you become the most beautiful place ever!


Here is the coordinating video:

(Below are a few book recommendations for you. They are affiliate links and by sharing them, I earn a tiny profit which goes right back into the blog/youtube/coaching business I am diligently creating. Thank you for your support.) #goldenticket 

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