Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Joy of the Lord

The Joy of the Lord

Scripture:The precepts of the LORD are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the LORD are radiant, giving light to the eyes. Psalm 19:8

This is just an amazing thing, having the Joy of the Lord in our lives, hearts, and homes.At times we feel joyful, but how often do we appear joyful to others?The outer apperance of our brothers and sisters in Christ should be a bit different from those who are not believers. No, I am not saying they should wear a cone on their head claiming to be Christian, but their attitude, and the way they present themselves show how much 'Joy of the Lord" is truly in them. One who will bad mouth a coworker/ friend, how much joy is there? One who will spend countless hours trying to figure out "how to get even", is not displaying much joy. And even one who looks at all the things gone wrong in their life, and continually hashing out what 'could have been" is not displaying much joy!Well then, what does joy look like? Joy is not only seen on the face and in the actions, but it is also felt in the presence. Joyful people do not waste time on looking for the negatives in others or themselves. Joyful people do not spend countless hours fretting on what could have been, but instead will look at what can be! The joyful do not worry about what others are thinking of them, because they are content in who they are in Christ Jesus!

Dear Heavenly Father,I pray that today, your joy just flows from me! Lord I thank you that you want to spend countless ti me with us, and it is your joy to have your children walking in Your presence daily. Lord, I pray that others can see your joy flowing from me throughout the day, and they begin to seek out the same joy in their own life. Thank you for loving me so much! Thank you for living and dying for me. IN Jesus name, AMEN!

© 2007 Sheila C. King

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