Monday, June 16, 2008

Living as a Branch

I am the vine you are the branches,if a man remains in me and I in him ,he will bear much fruit,apart from me you can do nothing .John 15:5

This verse rings true in my life in so many different areas. As a wife and mother, without the love of God in my life, without His direction, and His leading, I could absolutely do nothing. Without the prompting of Holy Spirit to further knowledge on how to do fix ups, new recipes, ideas to spark learning in my children, and above all... the yearning to draw us as a family closer to him, I would be nothing. I would be no one. But I am someone. I am a WIFE... and one who is learning to become a better wife daily. I am a MOTHER ... and one who is growing with her children daily. When I look back in my life, to reflect where I was, where I have been, and who I thought I was, I am just amazed. Amazed at God with his love for his children and the desire he has to be close to us as individuals. Awed by the beauty He sits before us daily through the clouds, the nature around us, the whipsers and gentle kisses of the littles in our house. Inspired by the words of many before me who have written so many books on Christian living, and knowing there are countless others out there to read. And still.... it doesn't matter, none of it, if I didn't have the relationship with Him that I have.

Today will be full of inside giggles, games, and movies as the rain is pretty tough out there this morning. We will be preparing for church tomorrow today before bed so that our morning is smooth sailing. There will be knitting, reading, and resting on the agenda as well!

Be blessed

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