Saturday, January 31, 2009

Being more then a number

Being more then a number is something I have had a hard time grasping. I want to be more then a number on the scale. I want my life to mean more to me then what the scale determines. I want things to be more balanced again.

I am putting my scale away until February 28, 2009. In fact, I am going to take out the battery, and put it in my jewlery box. To have to take the time to put the battery back in, and all will give me a bit of time to calm the anxieties when I think I need to see what I weigh.

See, for me, I dont' feel of value sometimes when the scale doesn't do what it supposed to. Losing for almost nine months straight and to face a long plateau is just a mental blockage I cant' deal with. I honestly just can't! I am being total honest and pretty see through at this point. I am ready for balance as I said yeseterday. Balance. Not temporary insanity! One more day of that .... and it would become PERMENANT sanity!

I am more then what the scale said I am. I am a woman of worth. I am a strong woman ~ one who cares about her "offspring" and how they turn out, fully knowing that I am responsible for that! I am a teacher, who takes her position of power very seriously again knowing that I am responsible for these little lives while they are in my care. I am a wife, who completely respects her man and loves him unconditionally, as God intends for us to. I am a runner ( new, but a runner still the same), a knitter, a reader, a writer, a blogger, a friend, a singer in our church's choir, and so much more. I am MORE then the frickin number on the scale, and so are you!

My health does not soley rely on what the scale tells me! The scale is not my only worth.

Ps... this is not a rant because I hated the number on the scale this morning. I actually haven't stood on the scale since yesterday morning where I actually weighed at 158. Not a bad number. Not the one I want, but not a bad one none the same.

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  1. Sheila;
    I think it's important not to let the numbers 'rule' your life nor ruin your day. I think it's important to keep tabs on them but when you let the 'morning' number put a price on your self worth, that's not a good thing.


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