Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Biggest Loser Wrap Up 1/27

I love this show! I haven't done any "Biggest Loser" wrap up blog entries because, well I have fallen asleep through every way in this season! LOL I was "booted" out of the bedroom, dh didn't want to watch it, and I forgot to set the DVR, so here I am. At the end of the show.... waiting for the last of the votes.

This particular season, I haven't really felt a "bond" with any of these contestants. I dont know, but something is different this time. I will however continue to watch ~ and see if anything changes. I LOVE to watch it completely until the end of the season, because..... the end results are amazing. I know that if all of us had that oppertunity we could and would hit our goals pretty quick too. But those of us in the real world too have an advantage over them ~ we are learning to do it the hard way, and when we make a poor food choice, we know it ~ and most of us can say we dust off our britches and move forward. I worry about those who lose all their weight in a short period of time, because they are not really "learning' to change what they need to.

Dave and Dan went home. I was glad to see that Daniel busted his booty while at the Ranch, and at home. Nice to see that he at such a young age is changing his life.

Well, that's a wrap! Time for bedybye for me!

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  1. I was really afraid that Dan would not be able to stick to it when he got home. I was with Tara at being down right ANGRY with his supposed best friend. I think most of us on this journey can look back and remember a time when we felt like we looked good. This poor kid doesn't have that to keep him going. I said a prayer for him last night, I hope he wins the at home challenge!


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