Monday, January 19, 2009

Comments fixed and New Side tool

Okay, thank you for those who have emailed me concerned because you were unable to post comments. I am saddened that I missed your wise words, most likely when I needed them most. I think it is fixed. If you try to comment me and can't then please email me!

I am adding my "weigh ins" to the side bar. I am going to choose Monday's for now. Please note that I may switch it to another day, depending on how I do. See.... Sunday's is my family free day. The one day during the week, that I won't count anything ( though mentally I am always calculating) and may eat things that I don't normal eat when I am on plan. Like yesterday I had a TBS of mashed potatoes. I know that isn't alot, but for me the last six months ~ that is major. The good thing is my portions are under control, FINALLY!


  1. Thanks for the comments Sheila! I think you are doing awesome too! You will soon get your new routine tweeked and working the way it will work best for you and your family. Just hang in there! Keep up the awesome job you are doing.

  2. I bet you are more capable then you think with running! When I started training I didn't think I could ever run more than 3 miles, but you get better very quickly! Definitely something that is worth all of the hard work!!

  3. Congratulations on that small victory !!! Being able to enjoy just one tablespoon of an old "bad" favorite and stop is a giant leap towards who you want to become .

  4. I love the side weigh-in idea, I'm definitely going to steal that idea and put it on my blog LOL. Thanks!!


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