Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17,2009

January 17, 2009 (Day 17 of 365)

Weight: Dont' know. Not weighing until Feb 1st.

Not much going on. Almost bought the Wii fit today, to incease my workouts, but decided I would wait. I will allow myself to get it when I hit 149 pounds, or tax time whichever comes first. Today is still an "off" day, so I am not tracking anything. I have decided though when I begin posting on Monday that I will be posting pics of my food as well. Just to keep myself accountable.

ON my plate today
B: Toasted bagel w/ little bit of butter
L: Fritos, cheese, salsa
D: Chicken Taco Soup w/ tortillas

Wrestling with the hubby! He is a great strength training workout .... he exhausts my arm mucsles, and legs too like nothing! :) Sorry, but I am counting that as exercise.

I ate some Reeses today. But... there are NO MORE in the house, and I will not be buying more. The kids are not getting candy for Valentines Day.

I bought groceries today but didn't get produce. I will get that tomorrow with the kids.

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