Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Self control ~ My new "crack"

Self control, it is really what it is 'cracked" up to be! Haa haa! I took time "off" plan over Christmas/New Years. Oh.. did that set me up for daily failure for a while. Yesterday ( January 6) I had to face self control in the face, we had a major confrontation! Oh yeah we did. It was difficult.

I just out of meetings/and setting up my classroom for the next semester, and I was STARVED! Dr. Atkins is right when he says do not go longer then 4 hours without eating ( at least while you are starting. or in my case REstarting his plan).I jumped in my truck ( Explorer) and was about to be line it to get a burger and fries because I was just so hungry I couldn't think clearly. The hunger crowded my brains, and my self control was almost flushed down the toilet one more day. "one more day". UGH!

I literally had to stop in the middle of the road, and have an all out war with myself. I was pretty loud, and had anyone drove by me, I might be writing this from a mental hospital! The point is, I had to take self control by the kneck and threaten it with it's own life! I realized that even though if I gave in, no one would know, there was no one at home ( kids were at school, hubby at work), I would know. And I wouldn't let me forget about it either! ~Sigh~

So... I stood strong. Came home ( after running to the store for a few things we needed like ketchup for the fam, eggs, etc..) and I ate lunch. I went a bit over in my calories for the day I am sure, but.... I stayed on plan. Again, I learned another lesson ~ DO NOT WAIT to eat! :) Being able to stay in control yesterday though, gave me a bit of momentum, motivation, and some encouragement! It was hard, but so good for me! I needed that boost of self confidence!

Okay, I must go finish getting ready for the day, but I needed to share this bit with you all out there who may be battling some of their own self control issues this week. It is tough. But by golly it is needed! Being able to sit here today I am able to say 'Yay me!". Had I given in I would be sittng here in shame, and self loathing.


  1. I agree, it is extremely risky to experience hunger when you start the low-carb diet due to the INTENSE cravings!! I admit I've been skipping breakfast, maybe even lunch, for the past week. But it's weird, I think God is really answering my prayers because I have no cravings (that's a rare moment). Kudos to you for winning the self-control battle... if anything.. order the hamburger with lettuce wrap ;)

  2. Good for you! It's awesome to hear that you kicked that in the butt.. I know how hard it is to not succomb to the cravings when your really hungry. I try to snack every two hours or at least drink something so my stomach is never empty because that happens to me. Not the fast food thing but I grab sweets.. :( Good job! thanks for sharing..


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