Friday, January 23, 2009

Weightloss Rewards

Everyone should reward themselves (without food) for the weight they lose. I have made this list so many times, and never hit any of my goals. When I began this journey again last April, I didn't even make any "reward" goals. When I really began losing good, it wasn't even in my thoughts to do that. In fact I forgot about it. Until this week. I have been pondering how to get myself through these last 28 pounds. That puts me at 135. ( I really would like to hit 127, but that may be too thin so I am shooting for 135 first.)

Well I almost have my list done, but I have a hard time figuring out my first reward! So, I need your help! What would you suggest? Here is the list I do have:

Lose 7 pounds ~ This is where you are helping me
Lose 14 pounds ~ 1 month of tanning
Lose 21 pounds ~ A new swimsuit for the upcoming pool season
Lose 28 pounds ~ A Shoe charm as I spoke about yesterday, to celebrate my journey's completion and to be a daily reminder that the journey isn't over just because I hit goal.


  1. I agree about the goals, short term goals really help break up the loss and make it seem more manageable. On my blog I have my first goal as a hair cut, it could also be an eyebrow threading/color, a mani/pedi?

  2. My first thought was a manicure or something that pampers you... Maybe even a candle lit bath with soft music and a glass of wine to help you to relax. Read a fitness magazine and just enjoy what you are doing to improove your health. After your bath, give yourself a nice facial, and lather yourself in a fresh scented body lotion... :)

  3. I think a mani/pedi would be a great reward. Or you could take yourself to a movie you've been wanting to see or give yourself a magazine subscription. :o)

  4. I dont have 'rewards for goals'. I just am happy with the fact that I lost it, I look great and I FEEL great.

    But if I have to be realistic and you asked for a suggestion, I think it would have to be 'food.'... perhaps three strawberries cut up with a large dollup of whipped cream on top.

    I dont do 'New Years Resolutions' either, so I may NOT be the person you are going to look for -- to get suggestions from, but we are about keeping it real , right ? Well, this is how I am. If you read MY blog, LOL you'll slowly come to understand what I'm all about ! :) ttfn



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