Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6, 2009

February 6, 2009 (Day 37 of 365)
Weight: GAWSH! I told ya, come back on Feb 28th! LOL

Today is an exciting day in our home! I am planning on sharing, but I can't just yet! .. Don't ya love that kind of a "spoiler"! But today could be a big day of celebration, and I am not claiming to know what is going to be up my husband's sleeve for tonight! :)

My meals and exercise are not planned yet for today, because it all depends on what we are waiting on! Hee hee

Prebreakfast: 2 cups of coffee (each seasoned w/ 1 TBS Caramel Davinci Syrup, 1 TBS Heavy Whipping Cream)
Breakfast: Chicken Bacon Ranch Bowl! YUM!
Lunch: PB&J, Wheat thins, Snickers*** I EMOTIONALLY ATE*** (but I did admit it!)
Dinner: Bunless Burger


I emotionally ate during lunch today, only because it is a bit stressful not knowing what changes are going to occurr with a potential job change. We now have to sit and wait another week, and I admit, I sabotaged myself. It is this "control" thing that I am working on. But I am determined to turn this around NOW. I will not let it continue through dinner, so I will opt for a bunless burger since dh wants Whataburger. I will just order a double bacon cheeseburger w/ no bun!

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