Friday, February 6, 2009

Goals for Week 1

Week one
February 7 ~ 13

* Stay on plan.
* Journal in notebook when emotions or feelings feel out of control.
* Remember that you have come very far on your own, and you can get to the end of this journey the same way. ( I know that I didnt' do it on MY own, God helped me. But I shouldn't expect others to support me (in my real life) who never really have. NOT talking about my husband either.)
* Drink plenty of water, but don't "over do it" because it is just a myth that the more water you drink, the healthier you are.
* Stay on target w/ meds and vitamins.
* Move, Move, Move!
*Map weightloss daily
* Make a functional chart to keep track of goals

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  1. Hey I bought that book too "Fascinating womanhood", it is still sitting there with my other 5 brand new books... never been cracked open, oops. Tell me if you like it!!


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