Monday, February 9, 2009

I am finally BACK!

I can feel it! I think my whole "say buh bye" to negativity has made all the change I needed. That letter I wrote to myself, helped too. THAT is the purpose of this blog, to have an outlet during this journey of mine. One that is ever changing, ever challenging, but never ending!

It feels good to have "controL' back, that I had completely lost for the last 2 months. I am feeling well, and enjoying every minute of it. Today I was on a high ~ a natural high. A joy even if you would want to call it that. I am totally back on track, and for that I think is so exciting!I have spent so much time focusing on the boohoo's of my journey, and the "yucky parts", but now it is time to focus on the good parts!

Today at schoool I had several people comment on my "shape"; a coworker, and a parent. It was a good day! It is always a good day when someone notices your hard work, and lets you know they see it! Today I am noticing that what I call my "trouble spots" are beginning to tone a bit! Yahooo! The other crazy thing is, my activity level has been absolutely crazy lately! I mean I am constantly busy, and wanting to be busy. Today at school, the only time I sat down was to read 2 stories to my class, and for about 15 minutes to eat lunch. Usually I am sitting during nap time, but not today! Instead I cut out some stuff for our bulletin board and then began tackling that before the end of the day. Very cool I tell ya! I am just so pumped! Getting in the right amount of fluids, the right foods, and making time to squeeze every bit of exercise I can into my day is just a good feleing. A very good way to end the day ~ crawling into bed knowing that you did your absolute best in all that you could today.

I am still waiting on news that I can share with you about my dh's career! Hopefully soon we will know. By Friday at the latest! Anyway, after my earlier "drive by blogging" I thought I would come back while watching the Bachelor and catch you up! Have a blessed night!

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