Friday, February 6, 2009

The Menu Plan 2/7 ~ 2/13

I thought, I do a menu plan for my family every week, and I usually just base my meals off that. Well, this week, I am making my menu first, and will base their meals off mine.

B: Sausage, scrambled eggs and lc waffle*
L: 2 Turkey Salad Lettuce Wraps *
D: Grilled Rib eyes, Sauted mushrooms, loaded broccoli*

B: Leftover Turkey Salad
L: Ham roll ups, string cheese
D: Roasted Chicken, Salad

B: Mirco bowl omelette
L: Salad w/ chicken and Creamy Italian dressing
D: Bunless Burgers

B: 2 hot dog Wieners
L: Bunless Burgers
D: Chicken tenders*, Green beans

B: Bacon, lc waffle
L: California club salad* w/ Guacamole as the dressing
D:Meatloaf, loaded broccoli

B: Micro omelette
L: 2 hot dog wieners w/ slice of American cheese
D: BLT wraps*

B: 2 hot dog wieners
L: ham & cheese lettuce wraps w/ mayo and pickles
D: Fajita salad

* Any item with this mark beside it will be shared and displayed later in the week.

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