Thursday, February 26, 2009

What the heck Wednesday

In times past when I said "What the heck" it usually meant I was going to eat something i shouldn't and deal with the consequences later. This time it meant, "What the heck, I will stick to my plan!". At the end of the afternoon, I just did not want to cook, But I did anyway!

WEIGHT FOR WEDNESDAY..... 160!!! (that brings it to a 5 pound loss just this week!!)


2 Eggs Scrambled, 2 hot dog wieners, and 1 oz of cheese ( Dont forget that coffee! ~ I need me a new favorite cup~ it is almost spring!)


2 cup salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomatoe), w/ ham and cheese topped with Creamy Italian Dressing. ( Some of you may not enjoy salads like I do, and by the end of the week you are done with them, but NOT me! LOVE THEM!) Oh, and I drank water.

Baked Pork chops and 2 oz shredded cheddar cheese, water
NONE! I used this afternoon to clean out my closet and try to get my craft area in my room cleaned up and organized. So, some shifting and heavy lifting but not alot.

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  1. WOW, did that loss just remotivate you even more??

    What kind of crafts do you do? I plan to clean out my craft room tonight too, but I HAVE to work out first, I haven't all week! EEK


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