Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dressing like a lady

Oy vey! ( Oh my!) When the Lord convicts us in our spirts, oh does he ever! It is very clear, and very powerful. I ... have been convicted. And I am humbled by the entire experience.

It has been almost eight years since I have really been comfortable in my own skin. After the summer of 2001, I got pregnant with the twins ( Just after 9/11/01). After their birth, I just had no desire or even energy to care about my weight, or my clothes. I got too comfortable in baggy t shirts, and loose jeans and shorts.

Fast forward to now, where I am seventy pounds lighter and very much aware of how it feels to be noticed. Yes I liked the attention, it was something I hadn't gotten in a long time. I have been looking online at swimsuits for this summer, almost deciding on a bikini, just because I can. OH MY. This Modesty week, couldn't have come at a better time. I am again humbled and yet relieved, because I now realize I don't really want "attention" from others, just my husband. :) I know in the eyes of the Lord, that is something that can be used to glorify Him through our marriage. I realize that I already have our friends husbands noticing my weightloss, why do I need to draw their attention away from their own wives? I do not want to do that! I honestly don't! I am glad God showed me this week that my thinking was wrong.

It is time though, to dress like a lady. The baggy t shirts and jeans didn't do me any justice either, and as sloppy as that looked, it did not bring God the glory that he deserves. I need to take a bit more care into my looks and the way I dress. My hearts desire is to bring God glory, as well as motivate others to be healthy and look their best. Feeling good, has many benefits. Not only do we begin to take time and care with ou appearance, but we are setting a good example for the next generation. My daughter will not be allowed to wear a bikini this year either. We will be honoring God with each splash, dive, and game of "Marco Polo" that comes around.


  1. I wish my friend had the same humble heart that you obviously contain, I commend you for allowing Modesty week to convict you on this subject. I know that it can be really tempting to 'flaunt what you've got' when you put hard work into losing weight and putting your body in top shape.

    I, too, had to be convicted on this matter. When I was a teenagers, I 'imitated' Britney Spears and wore low cut tank tops. I had a nose piecing and a tongue piercing. Even though I didn't read the Bible and find scriptures on NO Piercings. I found myself hiding my nose piercing when the pastor came to greet me in church.

    The shame was obviously the holy spirit working on me so I finally took off my piercings on my face. I wear mommy shirts now but I still struggle with wearing shirts that aren't too low cut. I found a great solution and that was to buy undershirt tank tops! Whew, what a relief not having to worry about bending over anymore.

    I want my body to belong to my husband's eyes and his eyes only.

    Thanks for an awesome post, I enjoy hearing more from you <3

  2. Pardon the misspellings and grammatical errors, I typed too fast LOL

  3. I have honestly ever owned one Bikini and I felt uncomfortable as all get out in it...and I was SKINNY! I was raised that our bodies are 'temples' and should be treated as such. Also was taught when I was a teenager by a sunday school teacher to have this line of thinking in our 'modest clothing', would I want to stand at the right hand of Christ in what I am wearing? Would I be ashamed? I think it has helped me along the way.

    Nowadays there are so many girls who barely wear anything. Honestly I am embarassed for them. I think it is very important to teach our children that they should not be running around half naked for all the world to see. I am humbled by your post, and respect you all the more for it. You are amazing!

  4. I loved that line about Marco Polo. :o) I remember going through a 50 lb weight loss and then dressing like I was straight off the set of "Desperate Housewives", LOL. That was about 3-4 years ago before my 2.5 year old eldest daughter was born. How the Lord convicted my heart! I still cringe over bikinis. ;o)

    Have a very blessed weekend, mama!

  5. Swimsuits can be so difficult! I'm hoping to do a post on modest swimsuits soon- I currently have a poll running on my sidebar asking readers to share what types of swimsuits they believe are modest.
    I'm SO GLAD that you've been led to dress more modestly...I've been there and it's so humbling! Interestingly enough, it also occurred for me after a weight loss- of 30 pounds!
    Thanks for posting your story- I hope you have a wonderful summer in your modest swimsuit. :)

  6. What a great post Sheila! Since I packed on extra weight from my pregnancies, I definitely fall into the slouch category. Modesty Week has helped me to see that SAH Mommies aren't to shuffle around the house in sweats and houseshoes all the time (or bleach-stained tshirts)! Your comment on how slouchy dressing does not bring any glory to God really spoke to me and I thank you for that!

    I LOVE the comment left by Heather T! The idea of imagining what Christ would say about your clothes is an awesome one! I think I will start training my 2-year-old daughter on this principle.

  7. Wow. Sheila, you are incredible! I'm excited for you and your 70 pound weight loss, and I know the temptation to wear revealing clothing, because you can and to show everyone the results of your hard work!! :)I appreciate your gentle spirit, though, that is listening to the Lord and wanting to honor Him and your husband with how you dress! God bless you as you dress beautifully for Him!!

  8. Thank you Sheila for your love in Christ, and for sharing it with us. You have truly lead me down a more humble and enlightening path, and I must say thank you. Though, every morning, when looking in the closet, I ask "God what do you want me to wear?" I often think about modesty, but now I have added in the question "Will I look like a princess, a true child of God?" Though I have heard it in church before, until now I hadn't realized how much God wants us to be our best, and it does include our appearance. And oh does it feel great :) Thank you!!!

  9. Pr.17:17 "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." I'm thankful for the women who have come together this week to encourage one another in this area of modesty and also for your open heart. God Bless You!

  10. Sheila, you are so right about dressing modestly! When I was a teenager, I only wore modest dresses because of my convictions. Now that I've kind of drifted away from the church (not God) for personal reasons, I haven't gone "inmodest", but I don't dress very feminine either. I was thinking the other day that I need to wear more skirts and dresses and try to look more feminine for my husband. Your post really struck a chord with me and I thank you!

  11. I have been in that place. When I lost weight I was surprised at the men that commented and who told my husband he was a lucky man. He was taken aback by their comments. He loved me no matter what shape I happened to be but it does show what affect we can have on others. Since I've put on weight again one of the motivations to lose it has been to look nice for others. How wrong is that? Thank you for your words - I needed to hear them today (and I thought I was doing so well on this modesty issue). So lovely to meet you and to be able to visit your blog. Blessings, Jules.

  12. Thank you to those who have commented on this topic! Your words literally brought me to tears, and to my knees in prayer thanking God for such an amazing support that you all have given. Thank you again!

    Life sometimes gets away from us, our priorities are often shook up, and shaken to the core. I know clearly that my purpose through this blog, is not just to share my weightloss journey ~ but to share all that occurs during it. One of those just happens to be who I am becoming in Christ, and this morning I realize that, that one part of me is changing too ~ growing, maturing and seeking like minded women to share it with. Thank you!!


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