Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I don't need no stinkin plan!

LOL! I just crack myself up! Say that title in your best "gangsta" voice and you will crack up too! I should have been on Sopranos with my New York Accent! LOL ( Hee hee! Yes, I do crack myself up! I completely amuse myself!)

I was sitting here this morning, and feeling a panic rise up inside of me. A panic that began as it always does when I try to go off of "Atkins". In my mind I try to talk myself into just going back to "what works". It does work. I loved it! But... I didn't love what it turned me into, and I do NOT want that back again! Then I think.. maybe I should just join weightwatchers and be done. But, that didn't feel right either. I mean come on.. it is barely 6:30 and here I am fretting! Crazyness I tell you!

I realized I don't need a "plan", I know how to lose weight! I want to exercise, so that isn't a problem anymore. I just need to stop looking for the "fast way" out. Getting used to seeing the scale move drastically on a daily basis gets pretty addictive, and well ~ yeah.

So, like I said "I don't need no stinkin plan" I just need to use the brain God gave me, as well as portion control and healthy choices. I am no longer on a plan that allows "free" days, but every meal/snack is a choice. Will it be a good one , or a foolish one? That is up to no one but myself.


  1. When I lose my excess fat (about 80 pounds to go!), I want to eat without a plan :P

    I really want to eat foods that were used during the biblical times. In other words, I only want to eat food that I could grow in my backyard. All the processed foods must be wreaking havoc on my body, blech.

    Keep praying to God to give you health and a peace of mind.

    I crack myself up too ;)

    U talkin' to me?! Uh? U talkin' to me punk?

  2. I think I'll stick to a plan...for now, I'm not quite where you are in your loss, but I'm getting there. I'm just not going to let the plan consume my every waking moment like it has. I'm going to make 'good' food choices, and quit giving in to the little 'monster' on my shoulder..."You can start fresh tomorrow, 1 little candy bar won't hurt..." ya know that evil voice?

  3. Sheila, I can TOTALLY related to this!!! Whenever I do a "plan", it seems like they are just "rules" that were made to be broken somehow. Maybe I'm just rebellious that way....anywhoo, now every thing that is put into my mouth is a choice as you described. I know you can do this, and so can I!!!!!!



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