Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I wanna leave a legacy.....

Yeah ~ you singing too? LOL Thanks alot Heather! LOL Everytime I begin to write this post I have this song just blastin in my brain! Hee hee. So, enjoy as you sing along while I share what is on my heart, yet again.

I do want to leave a legacy. I want my life to matter, not only for the moment but for years to come. Not only to people I know, but for complete strangers too. Here is how I want my life to matter:

1. Raising my children ~ I want my children to know, that their mommy loved them with all she had to love them with. I want them to know I begged and pleaded with God for four years before my first one was born, and two for the twins. I want them to know they came into this world wanted, needed, and loved. I want them to realize that family is the most important thing in this world. NOT necessarily the entire family (generations of generations) but the immediate unit. For without that, the others have no chance. I want them to realize and to know without a shadow of a doubt, that God is the best answer to everything in life.

2. My marriage ~ I want my marriage to my husband to be a legacy for other Christian women who are taking on the role of spiritual headship of their homes. My husband is not 'ready', and I feel solely confident that I must not be ready either. I feel in my spirit that God is growing me, and nurturing me as he is because when it is the right time, that Joel is going to take off and I must need to be stronger. I have complete and utter faith in God that his heart is to draw my husband to him, and that will come. I want my steadfastness in this matter to be an ecouragement to others, to continue walking in faith and trust even when it looks like it will never happen.

3. My classroom ~ Each year I am blessed with an amazing group of kids. They really teach me alot, about who I am, who God is, and above all, what matters most in the classroom. It isn't that they learn all of their letters, numbers, and can be independant. It is solely that they learn they are people, and they matter. I want each of my classes to be blessed by what I do, and not hindered by it. I desire in my heart, to make a daily difference in a positive way for each and every one of them.

Gosh there is so much more. I want my life to be open, and a constant inspiration to others to dream big and do what they can to live out those dreams. I want my life to be an encouargement to those who feel they have no hope. I want my life to say the important things, but without words. I my life to speak just that LIFE!

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