Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In anticipation of the challenge

I am ready, so very ready! Now... I need to remember to get my before shots added to a blog post, as well as the scale weight. It is going to be ugly ~ but I am going to claim it with proudness, because it will be the last time I am posting that as my weight! I vow from this point out to go "low low low' as I can , and remain healthy. I am also going to embrace the gym, and work my hiney off. The determination and motivation have come together and by golly ~ I am going to take it and run with it! Who knows! I may finally get into those 130's I have been LONGING for for years! It would rock if I could get to 127 ~ then it would make 100 pound loss! Vain, I know, but hey ~ I am a vain person. I will admit it!

I didn't do a product recomendation for March. Maybe cause I didn't stay on plan long enough to really fall in love with one. :( Gah!


  1. I'm stuck on a plateau so this Challenge is what I need :( sigh

  2. Claim it with proudness! You've lost how much? Yeah, so it could be worse!

    Anyway, where should we post our weight for the challenge? Like I said, I'm a day early - just dropped the kids at school Wed. morning 1 April - anyway, my weigh-in is posted on my on blog or it's 156.5 lbs.

  3. I'm excited as well! I have even done something I have never done before...drafted my post in prep for tomorrow rather than typing it "live". :)

    Here's to all of us shedding many pounds over the next 8wks!


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