Sunday, March 1, 2009

A non scale victory for me!

I decided to wear my watch today to church. Mind you I got it Christmas of 2007 and haven't worn it. Why? It was just too tight! I was too embarassed to take it in and either put a bigger band on it or have them lengthen it. It was like admitting to myself how FAT I really was, and I just wasn't ready for that. Today I put it on, and not only it is loose it slides up on my arm! Wooohoo!

Yes, I weigh in daily. Actually to be honest I weigh in twice a day. Sometimes the scale is nice, and I claim victory because of that. But when I have to look to other things, it is nice to see changes and improvements other then what the scale dominates.

If you are currently actively losing weight, and working hard at it but the scale isn't always nice, start to look to those non scale victories in your daily life. Some kind of way to celebrate your new life without living on what the scale tells you! I am not going to "bash" the scale because it is a valuable tool, not only for those who are losing weight, but for those who are maintaining and those who are just "watching".

Sundays are always one of my favorite days of the week, because I absolutely LOVE going to church! All these years and it is still very exciting for me. The funny thing is, my weightloss has enhanced that excitement. I no longer worry about judgement from others for being 'heavy", and because of that I am "free" to worship without the not so nice voice in my head telling me I am not worthy of worshiping my God because I can't control my life. The funny thing is, I can't control my life. Yes, I can to an extent, but if it weren't by the grace of God, I wouldnt' be that 70 pounds lighter that I am today. I truly believe that too. I think that is why this year has been so much 'easier" for me then EVER before in my life. I am not saying everyone has to be "spiritual" for their weightloss to be successful, but for me my entire LIFE has been changed, not just what the scale tells me.

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