Thursday, March 12, 2009

A renewed Passion

I love how things happen in our day, little non monumental things, that turn into really powerful and moving exeperiences. In online life, I am an owner of one board, a member of a few others, and have two blogs. I am also working on a new webiste, where I eventually want to merge everything I am, but time will tell on that.

I am renewed that if I didn't spend so much time on these forums, I would have more to share here! I realize that often times when I want to share what is on my heart, it has a chance of getting taken the wrong way and then I may spend too much time and energy trying to either "fix" it, or reconcile. Also, in these online communities I realize that when I am just sharing, it gets taken that I know all about everything ~ and I never want to come across that way. Anyway, what I am trying to say, is that I will be using alot of my "writing" and creative energy on my blogs and will be sharing more of me here, rather then there. Does that make sense? I feel like I have watch what I always say in these forums, because either I can't share scripture freely and my heart without being questioned, attacked, or what have you. No, this hasn't happened, but I don't feel I have the freedom like I do on my blog. There is a lot to who I am. And I want to share all of it, not just bits and pieces. I like a puzzle, and I am incomplete if I can't share all of me, if all of me isn't put together. Sure, one peice might be loose and I am struggling, but taking the personal time to evaluate the situation and who I am becoming during that situation is very important to me. I can be influenced, just like anyone else, and want to guard what I am influenced by. I don't want to believe that you must give negative "motivation" to get someone on the ball, in their weightloss journey or just in life in general. I don't want to think I have to be super gooshy nice either, side stepping the simple fact that no one can make life (weightloss journey, or whatever your facing) easy for you, or make things smoother.

What we do in our own lives, impact every one of the poeple that is around you. No matter if you think, ah well, this is who Iam like it or not ~ that still effects others. Too often we want to be accepted but not yet accepting of others.

So, anyway, the jist of this blog today is just to let you know, you will be seeing "More" of me. My heart, my passions, my everything! I am not going to divide who I am, because I am not divided. My heart is not divided, my passions are not divided, and this excites me!

Upcoming Posts that you can expect by the end of the weekend:
1. Dressing like a lady (No matter what you weigh)
2. My week ahead menu
3. Q & A from the other day
4. Photos from around my home ( May even include some cute children and kitty pics!)
5. An announcement of a new challenge


  1. Yeehaw, I am so excited to see more of you! You are a wonderful Christian lady and I will adore reading more about God & your other passions. Yay!!!

  2. I think it's important to have Christ in our lives Sheila, and I love how you aren't afraid to show it. It makes you 'you'. I'm excited to see/hear more from you as you are an excellent writer! I'll stay tuned for more posts :) Have a great day!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the "whole" you! To put a different spin on the quotation from Abe Lincoln "A Sheila divided against herself cannot stand." lol

    You are such an awesome person and such a blessing to me and my children that I will certainly enjoy learning more about you!


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