Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sheila's Summer Challenge Goals & 2 week menu

For the Sizzling Hot for Summer Challenge, I decided that I am going to make some pretty hefty goals, yet goals that can be attainable as I work daily towards them all.

1. Explore all my food options on the Induction list of foods on Atkins keeping my levels at that induction level (20grams) at least for the first four weeks. Variety is the key, and there are a few new veggies that I haven't tried in years, and I would LOVE to embrace the opportunity to give them a shot.
2. Log everything I eat and drink. This will hold me accountble, as well as give me a visual clue to see what may be triggering cravings or weird responses.
3. Not go off plan at all. Not ONE day. I will not buy into the lie of "everything" in moderation. I can't have "everything". My body has proved that over and over again..... and it is literally crying out for help. I can't trust myself to have a "free" meal, or even a "cheat" day. Not yet. Maybe when I hit goal, I can but now, there is no hope for me. I want more and more and that is not good.
4. If I am finding myself wanting to go off plan I need to find out why. I am goign to stand strong and fight those cravings, but I need to learn the triggers and how to eliminate those.( Is it just pure lazyness, tiredness, stress, emotional, etc..)
5. Drink more water then I have been.

1. Working out at the gym six days a week. Cardio and strength training each of those days. I may even squeeze one in on Sundays either before church or a swimming session on Sunday evenings. Cardio will be varied from short intense HIIT, to long endurance focused sessions.
2. Reduce the amount of computer time to focus on moving more at home too, not just the gym.
3. Learn to Celebrate through activity and not food. (Ex: Easter ~ instead of focusing on chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, I am going to organize a backyard volleyball game! )

1. Every Wed for my own personal update on this challenge and weigh in.
2. Thursdays to link up all he blogs on the challenge and to post stats.
3. Weekend updates will be more common due to more free time. ( I may use this time to prepost articles, tips, and what not for throughout the week.)
4. When time and energy colide in the evenings, post and read.

14 Day Menu Plan
Wed 4/1
B: 2 hot dog wieners, 1 string cheese
L: Salad w/ ham, cheese, & Ranch
D: Sauted chicken tenders w/ salad

Thurs 4/2
B: 3 eggs scrambled w/ cheese
L: Ham rolls (3) stalk of celery
D: Baked chicken & Salad

Friday 4/3
B: 1 string cheese (2 hot dogs after workout)
L: chicken and salad
D: bacon and eggs

Saturday 4/4
B: Micro omlette w/ ham & cheese
L: boiled eggs & cheese
D: Bacon wrapped scallops & shrimp scampi

Sunday 4/5
B: 2 sausage patties w/ eggs
L: Ham roll ups
D: Roast, turnips, 2 oz cheddar cheese

Monday 4/6
B: Sausage & eggs
L: salad w/ ham, cheese and ranch
D: Grilled steak, sauted mushrooms

Tuesday 4/7
B: Sausage and eggs & salsa
L: salad, steak
D: Sauted chicken tenders, loaded broccoli

Wednesday 4/8
B: chicken dipped in mayo
L: Salad w/ ham, cheese and ranch
D: Pork chops, 2 oz cheddar

Thursday 4/9
B: Micro omelette (bacon, egg, cheese)
L: Broccoli w/ parm and butter
D: 2 hot dog wieners

Friday 4/10
B: Deviled eggs
L: Ham and cheese wraps
D: Bunless Burger

Saturday 4/11
B: Bacon and eggs
L: Bunless Burger
D: BBQ ribs, cheese turnips

Sunday 4/12 **
B: Breakfast casserole
L: Cheesy turnips, ham rolls
D: Baked chicken, salad

Monday 4/13
B:Ham & cheese wraps
L: Salad w/ turkey, swiss and ranch
D: Taco salad (no shell)

Tuesday 4/14
B: BLT Wrap
L: Taco salad (no shell)
D: Meatloaf, cauliflower

**Easter Sunday**
Not sure of our plans, but this is my backup plan if we end up coming home after church

Celery w/ laughing cow cheese
green olives
Beef jerky
cream cheese w/ cocoa powder ( for that quick fix)


  1. 2 week plan - wow, I'm lucky to think past today! I'll have to put some thought into that tonight. Since my husband does most of the cooking I'll have to get his input I suppose :-)

    Do you know where a copy of the Atkins induction list is online? I loaned out my book years ago and really don't want to buy another.

    I'm curious - do you do net carbs or actuall? By net I mean backing out the fiber in say Edamame? We have been eating these as a snack, they have 15g of carbs but 8g of fiber (which I really need) so I count that as 7 carbs.

  2. Looks like you have a great plan. I like the fun activities for Easter instead of lots of food! :-)

    Thanks for setting up this challenge. I know it's a lot to keep track of for someone!
    Path to Health


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