Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sizzling Hot for Summer Challenge ~ Week One

Wednesday: April 1st

Hello ladies! It's week one! Day one to be exact! Are you ready? I sure am! This is just a reminder post that it is time to weigh in, post that first weigh in picture, and get your menu posted for the next two weeks. I will be taking my pics today, because I didn't want to use an old one, I will get my bud at work to take them for me. :) I at first was dreading standing on the scale, but no matter what it is, I KNOW that the changes I am going to be making are not only stepping up my game, but I am going to be healthier then I have ever been! Looking forward to the gym ~ and eating on plan longer then a week and a half on plan.

We have nine of us working on this challenge together, and it's not too late to accept any newbies! I am giving you until April 5 th to join in! If you want to join still and your name is NOT listed on the list below email me! So the following had first said they were joining in on the challenge:



Heather T









Make sure you stop by everyone's blog today to wish them well, and give them the encouragement that they may need to get going! I think everyone is pretty excited, but you can never be ecouraged too much can you? I am so stinking excited about this challenge, and I hope you are too!

**Note** If you are intrested in the possibility of weekly challenges ~ let me know in the comments section. Also, feel free to give suggestions! ( I have a few up my sleeve, but you all are so creative!)

***I know this is posted before the 1st, but I wanted to just make sure everyone remembered!


  1. I saw some gals talking about this yesterday and today and came to check it out. I read the requirements and am willing and eager to join! Some of the other gals are already on my blogroll. I'll have to remember to put my camera in by the scale so I can take a pic in the morning. :-) And I'll be working on my menu tonight. I posted a current photo yesterday, so will use that as a starter.
    Path to Health

  2. I ran across your blog and I just wanted to say how beautiful it looks.

    Good luck with your challenge!

  3. There's no way I woulda forgot I was too excited. I had originally set a lofty goal for myself for May 27th and although I won't quite make that goal your challenge will help me get as close to it in these last 8wks as possible. Thanks again.

    Oh, and the way I had first read the "rules" I thought a 2wk meanu was optional if we were old hat at this. I had intended to simply put out a specific plan for diet and exercise because I have not been consistent with those yet. If I must do a meal plan I will but its very boring for breakfast and lunch and dinner is always based on how late I stay at work vs any kid activities that day. ;)

  4. Thanks Sheila for posting this challange for us all. I truly believe that this is what I need. The more people I have to encourage me the better I do... Good Luck with your goals you have set for yourself. Lisa

  5. Woohoo!! I am so excited about this, I posted my before pics, the scale pic and my 2 week menu. This will be so much fun!

  6. Got everything posted, goals, before pics, 2 week menu! I'm excited for this. Thanks for doing it Sheila!

  7. We're supposed to weigh in here, too, right? My scale said several things this morning. It was very weird. And it didn't like the camera, so I used my son's scale and it said 187. I had plenty of time to write out my menu while waiting for the doctor, but haven't put it on my blog yet. Too much running around today! Thanks for hosting this, Sheila. I'm psyched! And thanks for the help with adding the logo. All day yesterday, I couldn't get an "Add gadget" block on my layout, but it was there this morning. Stupid computer gremlins! :-D
    Path to Health

  8. Hi Sheila, I posted about your challenge today. Let me know if I followed your rules correctly :) I don't see the menu as part of your rules so I didn't post it, was I supposed to? If so, I don't normally plan out my week. I simply stick to 1,200-1,500 calories and eat what suits my mood.

    Thank you for doing the challenge, I am super excited!!

    My weigh-in: 220.4 lbs (shrieks!)

    <3 Martha

  9. Hey everyone! I am glad you are all excited too! I am not gonna "kick" anyone out of the challenge for the menu part ~ as I really know how hard it is. But...the point is, you gotta learn to plan plan plan ~ not fly by the seat of your pants and wonder why you gained. Now, if that is how you function, and your successful at it ~ more power to ya! The whole point of this challenge is to embrace a "fresh start" and do all you can to get to your goal!

  10. I posted my weigh in and challenge requirements today! I am 191.4 today! Yay. :)

  11. Thank you for not kicking me to the curb for not posting a meal plan! :)

    I absolutely agree that you can not be as successful if you simply fly by the seat of your pants but truth be told I follow a fluid type of plan in which I tend to eat one of 4 things for breakfast every day with the occassional pancakes or waffles on weekends. Weekdays at work I always have on hand Lean Cuisines, Health Choice & Smart Ones frozen meals and dinner is preplanned in part by that weeks grocery shopping and then what we eat on any particular day is based on what the evenings activities entail and how early or late I get home. I crockpot things if I know we will need to eat and run out the door or we have "easy" dinners like spaghetti or turkey chili dogs on hasty nights at home. When I have more time I cook.

    I just knew if I posted a plan for each day it wouldnt truly be stuck to day by day but after my next shopping trip I will post the "dinners to come" section and my oh so boring breakfast and lunch options. (not that I get bored with it but others might :)

  12. The f unny thing for me, is i will make a plan ~ but then I will totally go off it because I want to eat something else. :) The good thing though, is I usually have those ingredients on hand (at least). :)


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