Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What would you like to see?

Okay this is an open post! I am inviting you to ask questions, or throw out topics ( weightloss related) that you would like to see on my blog in the next week or so! I want to blog, but at this point not sure what about. I mean, are you guys sick of reading my daily menus? Do you like them? Did you like the week I included photos? Uhm... you tell me! You can put it in the comments section here or just email me, if you would like it to be private. PLEASE... if you would like it to be private (where I still either blog about it or answer your question) where your name and blog are not mentioned.. PLEASE specify. I am an open book, and I am not ashamed of the journey I have been on, nor my goals ahead of me, so 'Cmon already! :)

Also ~ anyone up for a weightloss challenge to get us in line before Summer hits? It would include blogging about the challenge, recruiting others to join in, and being brutally honest with all contestants as well as yourself. Let me know! If there is enough responce maybe I can get something going by Monday.


  1. Sheila;
    I really enjoy your blog, I like your menus as it gives me some ideas as well. Here are some questions? What is your biggest struggle with your weight loss? What has been the biggest success you have felt with the weight you have lost so far (emotional, physical, mental)? That's all I can think of so far.

  2. I'd love a contest! I feel myself falling into same ole same ole slump and its showing on the scale. that or the darn thing is just stuck on this number and the next digit down doesn't work! :-)

  3. Oh I adore your blog! I am definitely up to do a challenge, that will be FUN FUN FUN!!

    I have twitter too, lemme add you in a sec :)

  4. Sheila, I like when you post your meanus for the day (gives me meal ideas) and the pictures defintely make it more interesting (not that it is boring otherwise, I just love pictures...LOL).


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