Monday, March 2, 2009

Woohoo Weigh in Monday!

That is 158! I have LOST 7 pounds so far since really last Sunday! Absolutely exciting I tell ya!

Have you ever wondered why someone stops subscribing to your blog? I know why I lost one ~ because of my mention of God yesterday. Ya know what? I am not going to take that personally like I used to. I am who I am, and I will mention LOTS of things here ~ including my faith! I will never ever be ashamed to share the name of Jesus, and losing one reader because of that just shows how callous and uber sensitive others can be. Ya know, we might not have the same faith or religous beliefs, but we are all the same in the simplicity of losing weight. We are all searching for our way through this journey and that is okay. I won't be offended by those who do not believe like I do, I can really look past that in a person. Of course I would pray for them, to find the truth and the joy that I have, but I cannot make someone do something. That isnt' my intention anyway!

Okay ~ nuff said! I am getting out of here! I need to get to school and get busy! Lots to do! I did pay what bills I could for the month, others just haven't posted, but will be able to hopefully by the end of the week so I can be done with that. I love being able to pay bills ahead of time, and would like to do what I could to keep it going like that. Tootles!


  1. Wooo Sheila!!! That is so exciting to have lost 7 lbs in ONE week!!! By the way, I love the daily menus and pictures - very nice! You are eating the same way I did this summer when I lost weight so really does work!

  2. How exciting! Is that new low for you? I've recommitted to really watching my carbs this week and hope to have similar results! I got lazy, hate when that happens!

    I don't even know how to tell how many people subscribe to my blog unless they are followers. And I LOVE having followers! Seeing all those faces every time I post, like they are looking right at me! Ok, that could be spooky too...

  3. Thanks ladies for your encouragement! ACtually..... no it isn't a low for me. My lowest is 156, so I can't WAIT to pass that! My healthy goal is 140, but I would REALLY LOVE to be 135, just for safe measure!

  4. Congrats Sheila! You are on a roll. I need to kick it up a notch...yet again and get losing again.

  5. Rejoicing with you over your weight loss!!!


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