Friday, April 17, 2009

Dear Me ~ one year ago

Dear Sheila,

One year ago, you had enough! You had enough feeling like crap about yourself, about how you felt physically, emotionally, and how you just felt overall. You felt unworthy, discouraged, and like nothing in your life was going to go very well. You felt unloved, hurt, angry, and above all betrayed. It was one year ago that you took all of those emotions and began putting them into making better choices, and taking control of how you looked. You were tired of numbing yourself with food, and laziness to take away the pain you have felt for over 30 years. Instead you now take those emotions bit by bit an are dealing with them. I am proud of you! In this past year, your marriage has improved, your children have grown not only physically but spiritually as well. YOU have changed! You are like a butterly, coming out of your cocoon, yet your not ready to spread those wings. Your still learning, still afriad, still wondering what is next. The one big difference from today and last year, is now your willing to take the steps you need to finish this journey ~ to let those wings expand. Your almost ready to take flight, but you still have some baggage to let go of. You still have some things to deal with, and some relationships to tend to. Now is not the time to "ease up", but instead press in. Now is not the time to let go of who you are becoming, but embrace the awkwardness that sometimes comes. Now is the time to let old things pass, and let new things flood in.

I am so proud of you! I am so proud of where you are today. I am so proud that you are learning to love yourself enough to care about every single decision you make in your day. I am so proud of you for taking charge of the weight issue now while your kids are young. Remember how it feels, for your friends to make fun of your overweight parent? You are breaking bondage in your family genes, to provide a healthier home, a healthier outlook for not only yourself, but your own kids and even your grandchildren one day. Just think, how young you feel now, and can run (and even outrun) the kids in your class, even your own children! You can play and feel good about all that you are doing. You are able to do things, and not always be thinking " I am too fat to be doing this" or wondering what someone is thinking about your fat rolls.

You have come so far in this year. I know that your weightloss journey will come to an end when you hit your goal this year. I didn't say you were going to go back to the old habits. NO way! But you won't be losing anymore, and will be learning to live on maintenance. Not only will be able to celebrate when this journey started, but we then will get to celebrate each year in maintenance!

We have alot to do in this next year ~ it's time to get busy!



  1. I'm sorry, were you writing to me? Because it sure seemed like it.

    When will I ever stop growing? I have been given so much in my life, and I want to thank you for being a part of it. I've never ever made it this far in a "diet" without losing hope, or giving up - but this time I am as strong - or stronger - than I've ever been.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you :)

  2. Sheila, I may not have known you all that long, but you know, I'm so totally proud of you too! You are such and insiration in all you do. Your children are going to love you for giving to them so much more of yourself by going through this life changing journey. Keep up your motivation and never give up...which I do not ever see you doing!



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