Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am truly blessed

* I have a husband whom I adore, and he the same in return*
*I have three healthy children, who are full of life, hope, and a heart for God already*
* I have a church home, that I just can't wait to go to, and when I do miss it is like missing the chance of a lifetime. (I did miss today ~ and it is really hard.)*
* I have a home that is paid for, when in times such as these ~ I do not have to worry about foreclosure.*
*I have a career, that not only blesses my heart, fills my time, works my hands and my heart, but it is used for the Glory of God. Teaching, isn't just teaching the unlearned, it is learning the unthinkable*
* I am blessed with a mother, step mother and a mother in love who are so special in their own little ways*
*I have health*
* I have faith, hope, and love*
* I *

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