Monday, April 13, 2009

Judgement: Do you have a critical spirit?

It is Monday. The day after Sunday. Better yet, the day after Ressurection Sunday! Yesterday was absolutely beautiful, yet I honestly felt so busy and then exhuasted that I didn't get to embrace it as I wanted to. There are many things that I am pondering from yesterday's message, and yet, some things I have in my heart I am pondering too.


Do you have a critical spirit? Are you a person who will critisize someone for what they wear, how they wear their makeup, fix their hair, dress? Are you so wrapped up in the outside wrapping that you can't get past it enough to see the heart, the intent, the spirit inside them? I know many people who are like that, and to be honest it is so hard to trust them with my heart. Ya know, I have a bad hair day every now and then, and my make up is not perfect. Some days I am comfortable in a pair of jeans and a cami. Let me be me, and stop judging me by what you *think* I am on the outside, without giving me a chance to share my inside. Unfortunately, the ones who do have a critical spirit, are so critical of everyone else, they don't look to themselves to see if it is them or not. You know when someone you know is like that, because they are constantly talking about others, and not sharing much about themselves. I used to be like that. I used to entertain that kind of spirit ~ letting the people talk and "share" what they felt they needed to, but I can't take it anymore! I just can't!

The worse part is when that critical spirit comes into the church, and others are judged by what they wear or things they do while trying to learn how to live a Christian lifestyle. Let me flat out tell you something ~ NONE of us are perfect, and just because you do not have a stronghold like smoking, drugs, alchohol, slander, eating disorders, theft, etc... we all have something. Myheart cringes when I hear so and so talking about someone and how they don't do this, or they DO do this, etc... It kills me! And since I am speaking very openly and honestly this morning ~ it should kill you too. It should hurt! It should make you want to get up and stand up for the foresaken!

Jesus did not go through all that he went through, for us to think we are high and mighty, and better then anybody else. I am a perfectionist, and let me tell you something. I will never "get it right'. Often I look at those brothers and sisters, and for just one quick moment am jealous of their *new* found faith. Why? Because they have not been in the *church* (by the church I mean the entire Christian family ~ not MY church I attend) long enough to know how cruel we can be to one another. How cruel we have been to them in our thoughts, words, and even motives.

It is time to rise up, to become the body of Christ that we need to be! One that is accepting of all mankind, not just what fits into our "ideals". Until we can do that, we are doing NO GOOD to anyone.

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  1. I admit, I used to be a MAJOR snob and I would sneer at chubby not-so-well dressed people. Now the joke is on me and I am more humble about being overweight, sometimes the weight gain is uncontrollable (thyroid, pregnancies, etc) and I no longer judge people on their current weight status.

    Also, I strongly believe it is our duty to train up younger ladies to dress modestly. God calls on us to be modest and dress decently (let me know if you want the scriptures) instead of wearing revealing clothes that causes men to lust. Instead of shrugging and saying "Nobody's perfect", we need to strive to please the Lord by obeying his word :) without judging each other but be as iron sharpening iron!

    Great thought-provoking post!


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