Monday, April 27, 2009

Mothers and Daughters: It's time to break the cycle

I found this amazing series on youtube "Skinny kids", and it is very thought provoking. Especially if you are a mother, and have a daughter.
I am goign to share Pt1 here with you, but I would like to know your thoughts on this topic! Do you think we influence our children in a positive or negative way when it comes to what they over hear about our weightloss journey? What can we do to make sure it is a positive thing for the entire family?


  1. VERY Interesting. It's funny because I just took my son Cadyn out running with me for 10 min tonight, before my real run. I took him because his whole soccer team is unfit - 5 min into a game they literally fall over "I'm too tired!" - and I'm trying to help Cadyn build endurance.

    A few min into it, I'm asking him questions like "Are we trying to run as fast as we can? Why are we running?" He said "Because we want to get skinny." !!!!!! AH! I corrected him, of course "No, we are trying to jog for a longer time, not faster. We are trying to control our breathing so that we can run longer without getting tired. That is what being fit is all about."

    I certainly hope I can teach my kids something more than Mum is trying to get skinny!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have noticed that my "obsession" has passed on to my girls. But I would like to think I can instill a healthy body image/perception of the issue in them. It is something I worry about because I know as a teenager often I felt there was not a healthy option in front of me so I would skip meals. Also it took me FOREVER to learn the difference between healthy vs. restrictive dieting. I think the best point to give is the importance of fitness and how being active is much more important than worrying that you look different that Britney Spears. :S

    I would like to think EDs stem from not feeling you can control your weight. I would like to be their 100 lb success story and be in maintenance when they are teenagers to show them that it's important to eat healthily and be active and it is definately not unattainable or unmanageable. That weight isn't this big scary enemy. Health is the most important value to push, image is hard to keep out of their school mates conversations . . . but at home health can be stressed over image. And I feel as long as I teach them and feed them healthily they will be able to love thier bodies and not become closet ana's.


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