Saturday, April 11, 2009

Prepping for Sunday Morning

One of my favorite things about Saturday is prepping for Sunday morning! Sunday morning is one of the most beautiful things of my week. It is hard sometimes, getting ready for worship knowing my husband is not joining me, but it doesn't hold me back.

I love taking the time to cook a good ol fashioned dinner on Saturday for my family. Tonight's will consist of Chicken fried steak (venison tonight) , mashed potatoes, corn, biscuits and salad. There is something speical to me by doing this. Usually I have already planned Sunday's meal as well, and at the very least thawed the meat to be prepped Sunday morning if need be. Clothes are prepped, bibles gathered and sitting on the coffee table in the family room. Depending on the morning, breakfast is either began, or at least thought of.

Saturday is full of yard playing, cleaning, and just plain ol houseblessing, and I for one LOVE that! Throw in a sneak peak of the Sunday funnies, and a quiet evening and you have the makings for some pretty great memories.

Like I said. The only thing that makes it not so picture perfect, is my loving husband does not attend with us. It is hard. Spiritually, and emotionally it is so hard for me to see other couples enjoy worship together and seeing the opportunity for them to grow together in the Lord. It is something I have desired for so long, and at times almost give up on ever seeing. AT one time I was so sure that God was telling me that I was not ready for that! That *I* was not ready for what will happen when that does come to play. I have a feeling my husband will be ready and moving our family in such an amazing direction, that I have to be spiritually ready and stronger.

I want it so bad, I can taste it! But I have grown weary when God has told us not to. I have grown weary of ever seeing this come to play, and then I am reminded that I need to be ready! I need to be spending more time in the word. I need to be seeking HIS face more and more in my day! I need to dig into his word and find what my heart is longing for. I know though, without a shadow of doubt, that until my dh is by my side at church, God himself will be there. He will fill that void in my heart! And I have to accept that!

It is a lonely thing though. Is anyone else out there in the same predicament I am? If so, how do you deal?


  1. When I was separated from my husband last year, I went to church three times a week... alone. The loneliness was OVERWHELMING and my heart ached when I see couples sitting next to each other with such loyalty in their eyes :( but I lifted up my chin, whispered to God, and said.. "Lord, I know nothing is too great for you. You are powerful and I know you want me to have a beautiful marriage. Please guide my husband here and allow us to blossom in your grace. I will wait until it is in your time!" It was hard but I had to reassure myself with these words and remember, God says we will receive it if we believe in it. So BELIEVE it and it shall come true, His power overcomes all!!

    P.S. YAY for your new blog!!

  2. Thanks so much Martha! Your words did wonders for my heart!


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