Sunday, April 5, 2009

Question and Answer Opportunity

I want to start a weekly "article" on " Q&A, all the things you wanted to know about Mrs. Sheila! So, this is your opportunity to ask me tons of questions, and know that I am going to answer them PUBLICLY! I will not hide behind a mask or try to be someone I am not. I will be forthright with my answers, and openly honest as best I can. I may even turn into a web vlog on my youtube channel and then post the vid here! If you want your question to be annonymous, then you can always email me. (Just please make sure you tell me to keep your part of it (name) anonymous).


  1. You sure are brave...LOL. I'd be afraid of what kind of questions would be asked of me....

  2. You are so brave, I have a couple to ask you!!

    When you lost all that weight, have you ever resorted to starvation?

    After you lost weight, did your love life improve or did it remain the same?

    I apologize if they are too personal and don't feel obligated to answer them if you don't want to. I only ask you this because it applies to my life and I am curious to hear about your experience. Thanks!!

    <3 Martha

  3. Question time... Sorry, I've been out of my mind busy, and trying to catch up. I read the answer to Martha's question before this blog!

    I just have to say God bless you. You are an amazing woman, and I'm not quite sure how you get all you do done... with all this blogging and all :)

    But thank goodness you do, because you have changed our lives... You've changed my life. Thank you Mrs. Sheila :)

    How/When were you "saved"? That's always a good one, no matter who tells it.

    I might come up with more later.


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