Monday, April 27, 2009

SHFS Challenge For Wk 4 (already?)

Continuing with the whole "Last Chance Workout" on Tuesday, I want to add one more thing! So this week's challenge has 2 parts! TWO!!!

1. Last Chance Workout: Since weigh in is Wednesday, pick either Monday or Tuesday to get ONE REALLY HARD workout in! I mean push yourself ( but don't pass out on me, okay?)!

2. Begin seeking out a swimsuit for the Summer! I know many of you will say "No, I am too heavy to be in one of those" or even feel like you don't deserve one. I was once there, but pushed myself anyway because well ~ I love the water! So, don't hold yourself back because your not where you want to be! Pick one ore two and share them with your fellow bloggers! Can't wait to see what you all find!


  1. Two challenges huh? :)

    I will definitely get at least one workout in on Tue - been averaging two/day past couple days! Yea!!

    As for swimsuits - does "shopping" in our own drawers count? lol I may just have a swimsuit that fits again now that I've brought my weight down! (does the sharing have to be of us IN them? :)

  2. I increased activity and got in two formal workout sessions, at 1pm and a 7:30pm run. I feel great.

    As for the swimsuit... I'm with Melisa. I already have the swimsuit I like, but just waiting (rather, working) to look good in it. It's winter here anyway LOL

    :) Thank you Sheila

  3. Wooo, I'm whipped now! I just took on your challange of pushing myself further than I normally do... will go log it on in my blog.

    As for the swimsuit... I've not bought one in probably three years... and that one I only wore one year because I lost weight and it would just fall off... and now that I have lost the weight again, it won't fit though my others will...

    Since I spent $2.00 plus tax on my last one, I think I DO diserve a new one this year... heading to the internet to see what I might find I like and will see about ordering one, or going to store to get come the end of challenge...

    Thanks for the challenge Sheila!



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