Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SHFS Challenge Week 4 Weigh In

Yep! This is the "official" blog post for this week's weigh ins! The way you gals listed your info last week was PERFECT, and made all the figuring go smoothly so let's do it again!

SW: (Starting Weight)
LW: (Last weeks weight)
CW: (Current weight)

SW: 170
LW: 165
CW: 162

I will be posting mine in the comments as well. Stats will be posted no later then 12:00pm (CST) Friday May 1, 2009. Be sure to check back!

How is the support going? I know everyone has been really busy, but let's remember to send out a few shout outs to encourage one another!


  1. Good morning gals!


    No change from Last wed to today, BUT if you knew the days in between! ACK!! Monday I was @ 170.5! Holy Cow Batman! I was glad to see that 162 this morning! ~ quietly and meekly doing the happy dance!

  2. Congrats on the loss!!!

    I was wondering can anyone join in on your weigh ins and challenges?

    Love your blog and I get a lot of inspiration from you and your weight loss journey!

  3. (I am reposting comment cuz I messed up my numbers for last week)

    Congrats on your weigh-in, Shiela. I know the feeling, been there during this challenge even. ;)

    SW: 191.4
    LW: 191.2
    CW: 187.8

    That puts my total loss at 3.6 lbs. I had been averaging at least 5lbs/mo but I am getting back on track! I am definately proud that I can go into crisis mode and not come out feeling like I might as well give up and admit I was meant to stay 215 lbs forever. <3

    Hope everyone had a great weigh-in this week!

  4. Name: Lisa
    SW: (143.4)
    LW: (136.2)
    CW: (136.0)

    Loss this week: .2 lbs
    Total Loss: 7.4 lbs

  5. Starting weight: 268
    Week 3 weight: 258
    Amount lost/gained THIS week: -2

    Total Loss in April 10 pounds! Woohoo! If I could lose 10 pounds a month I'd be thrilled!

    Congrats on your losses both big and small! :)


  6. Congrats to all thus far on loss' and maintaining!

    SW: 227.4
    LW: 223.6
    CW: 222.2 (how bout all them 2s?)

    This means I lost 1.4lb this wk making a total of 5.2 for this challenge and 33.4lbs since beginning of the year!

  7. SW: 220
    LW: 207
    CW: 207

    Total weight loss during this challenge: 13 lbs (thank you Sheila!)

    I maintained my weight this week but I am thankful I didn't gain weight, if anything, I gained muscle mass from doing yard work all week. I'm so sore, ouchee!!

  8. SW: 187
    LW: 184
    CW: 185

    Only gained one pound this week! And considering the food brought to Dad's house, this is amazing! :-) Back home after a beautiful funeral for my mom. I wrote a very lengthy post on my blog, so you can read about it there if you like.

    I haven't been able to support and encourage this past week, but will catch up with everyone soon.

    Path to Health

  9. Lucrecia

    SW: 227.6
    LW: 226
    CW: 224.6

    So just 3 pounds this month. Not at all impressed but feeling more motivated than I have in quite awhile!

  10. SW: 211.6#
    LW: 203.0#
    CW: 204.8#

    UGH! TOM with a vengeance. I feel so bloated and icky, I feel like I have at least 5# of water on me. UGH!

  11. SW:156.5

    I lost another 2.2lbs (same loss as last week). Feeling good. No, feeling GREAT!

    Great job Mrs. Sheila! And Christine and Lisa and Sassle and Melisa and Martha and MB June and Lucrecia, and to Heather: Keep your chin up Heather. You're down 6.8lbs still, which is more than my 5.3 - you're doing fabulous!!!


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