Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SHFSC Week 3 weigh ins

It's time to weigh in! Please respond to this post with the following info (so I don't have to go search it when I am doing stats)!!

Starting weight:
Week 3 weight:
Amount lost/gained THIS week:

Example here is mine:
SW: 168.5
WK3: 162
Amount lost/gained THIS week: +0.5 pounds

I ended up with a again of 0.5 of a pound this week. UGH! I have increased my weights/ and cardio so I don't know. I am just chalking it iup to building muscle. Food is good. My calorie total may be a bit low especially the last few days. That I know plays a big part too. OH well, here is to trying to drop six pounds by next Friday to hit my May 1 goal. I won't give up until May 1, then I will just push harder to get to my June 1 goal. =)


  1. SW - 227.6
    Wk 3 - 226
    this week +1.2

    SO sad! But all things considered I'm probably lucky it wasn't bigger. Next week will be big, I just know it! Dang it! LOL

  2. Starting weight: 268
    Week 3 weight: 260
    Amount lost/gained THIS week: -5

    I say this loss is a total miracle. I weighed 260 yesterday and to be honest thought when I went on the scale today it would change but it didn't if anything it's leaning towards 259.

    I'm sure your low cal is the reason for the gain, our bodies are smart, I bet if you up them a bit you'll see a good loss next week.

    Now that I've recuperated from my 2 week family home invasion I am back full force and plan on visiting my fellow bloggers today.

    Thanks again Sheila for doing all this!

    God Bless

  3. Starting weight: 143.4
    Week 3 weight: 136.2
    Amount lost/gained THIS week: -2.6

    I totally did not expect to be down this week. Aunt Flo came to visit yesterday, so I totally expected to have gained...

  4. Starting weight: 191.4
    Week 3 weight: 191.2
    Amount lost/gained THIS week: +1.6 up from last week

    I didn't count calories or exercise for 7 days and I messed up 2 weeks worth of hard work. :S

    This next week should be better, I am still packing/moving/unpacking but should be able to force the exercise into my schedule.

  5. I'm sure Shiela that that is not a true gain but your bodies adjustment to the increased weight trainig. That is what happens sometimes when we begin or up the anty w/ strength training. In my opinion its ABSOLUTELY worth the "bad" wk(s) it may cause on the scale. Personally, I'd love to weigh a little more and be lean than weigh less and be "squishy" :)

    As for me this week:

    Starting weight: 227.4
    Week 3 weight: 223.6
    Amount lost/gained THIS week: -1.2

    What are you gonna challenge us to this week!? :)

  6. :) YAY. Super week :)

    Starting weight: 156.5
    Week 3 weight: 153.4
    Amount lost this week: -2.2
    Total loss: -3.1

    3 lbs in 3 weeks. Not too shabby! Too bad I splurged and had 3 slices of pizza and 3 beers for dinner last night! ooops LOL

  7. Starting weight: 187
    Week 3 weight: 184
    Maintained this week

    I probably won't be checking in at all until next week since we will return from Arkansas on Monday night. And I have a lot of packing to do, so I may not have time to check in with everyone before we leave. Hugs to all. Hug your loved ones.
    Path to Health

  8. Starting weight: 211.6
    Week 3 weight:203.0#
    Amount lost/gained THIS week: Maintained

    It wasn't the best of weeks, I gained then I worked hard to get back to where I was.

  9. You commented on my blog entry that contained my weight loss results but I will go ahead and comply with this post :)

    Starting weight: 220
    Week 3 weight: 207
    Amount lost/gained THIS week: 9 lbs
    Total Weight Loss: 13 lbs


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