Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's motivation

Once I get into the lower 160's, upper 150's the same cycle starts over and over. Here is the senario. By the way you are about to experience the mental games that are played in my head. If this kind of stuff freaks ya out ~ just skip this blog and check back later!!

Side one: " Maybe you should try to switch over to WW. It has worked for HL so well, and she is eating the things you really miss the most".
Side two:"NOPE! You will bloat like crazy. Remember the weekend?"
Side one: "But if I just stay away from SOME foods"
Side two: "Why not just give up then. Just give up and gain all the weight back"
Side one: "It wouldn't really be that bad!"
Side two: "Ok. Your about to go over the edge. Why not prove to yourself that you can complete something you have started, and complete it withut going completely insane!"
Side one:: "I am not crazy!!"
Side two: "Ok."
Side one: "I am gonna prove to you I cna stick to it!"
Side two: "That is what I wanted to hear!"

LOL! My biggest set back lately are the weekends. I am going to use this weekend to prove to myself that I can push through this and enjoy it as well!I am seeing some phenominal changes beginning to occur in my body, why would I want to throw that away to eat biscuits for breakfast, a pb&j for lunch, and cheese enchiladas w/ spanish rice for dinner? Yes those are some of my most favorite foods, but for me right now it isnt' worth it. For once, both sides of my brain are in this "game" (journey) and I must embrace their unity!!

So do you have conversations with yourself or should I begin seeking out mental help now?


  1. I find myself having "the talk" with myself everyday...sometimes more than once...ok well, three or four times! ha

    It is good to know that I am not totally loosing my marbles here!
    Great post,

  2. Heck yeah! I suspect most people have the grass is greener conversation at least a couple times in their diet journey! You know what works for your body, stick with it!

  3. Talking with yourself is a funny subject. Have you read any Ekhert Tolle books? He was studying psycology, and saw a woman having a total conversation with herself, actually YELLING at her own self, and he went to the bathroom trying to figure it all out, how someone could go so far as to get to that point. As he was thinking he looked in the mirror and realized "Wait, I am talking to myself right now too. I'm not yelling out loud, but we all talk to ourselves to a certain degree. If she's crazy than so am I!" It was an aha! Moment for him... Anyway. Just remember to add in positive affirmations to your SELF and you'll be fine. And if you find it hard to say positive things to yourself, there is a saying "Fake it, till you Make it." :D Heck, I've been telling myself that "I'm a runner who loves exercise and I'm losing weight rapidly" (not so much true) but recently it is becoming more and more true. It's all in our head, then down to our heart, and manifested in our actions and eventually our life.

    Love Ya!!!


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