Thursday, April 9, 2009

Week 2: Day 2 SHFSC

Hey! Just a quick pop in! I am only jetting on to post my "stats for the day" and my game plan. I actually woke up this morning without the alarm. That is a good thing too, because I forgot to turn it on last night! So, I got up at 4:40 all on my own! Woohoo!

Weight: 162 (-6.5 total) (back to where I was a week ago)

Food for the day:
B: 3 hot dog wieners
L: Large salad w/ sauted chicken tenders, cheese, and blue cheese dressing
S: 1 oz Beef Jerky
D: Ham rolls, olives,

Exercise for the day:
20 minutes on the Eliptical
20 minutes strength training (legs, glutes, abs)

Game Plan:
1. Get the kids up, showered, dressed and all of us out the door by 6:50am ( I need to drop off that water bill)
2. Drop kids off at 7:00
3. Go to Wallyworld and pick up Eater treats for class party
4. Set up room, cover tables, survive the day
5. Head home at 2:15 and put clothes in dryer
6. Pick up around the house
7. Pick twins up at 3
8. Finish pick up, fold laundry/put away, make the kids some sammies to eat on the way to church (for Choir practice) after the gym.
9. Pack up gym bag
10. Pick up Kris at 4:15
11. Hit the gym to do above workout. (Lighter then usual, but pressed for time)
12. Stop and get a drink for everyone (kids and me) before heading into Houston to church
13. Choir practice for Easter
14. Home and drop!


  1. Do you write all this down or just know it in your head?

    Good luck honey!

  2. LOL! I am such a list maker, and LOVE LOVE LOVE lists, that I can write it down (here on the blog) and remember 98 percent of it! I just know what I have to get done ~ and if nothing ele gets done, those have to's will. We are having the "Easter Bunny" stuff on saturday ~ so I still need to find time to get ready for that, bake something to take to my mom's on Sunday, take the kids to teh inlaws on Saturday and that last minute ditch shopping trip on Friday. ACK! My life just feels and looks crazy right now ~ but I know after Sunday it will slow down some. Then, I will find something else to get busy in ! LOL

  3. I'm a list maker too... when I know there is lots of things to do, I tend to make a list just so I can see that I accomplished something at the end of the day. Sometimes just doing it, I feel I worked all day but got nothing accomplished. Seeing the items checked off on my list makes it look more like I DID accomplish something. Mind Games I play with myself I

  4. Sounds like a busy day! I am a list maker too. I tend to write it down on a paper and keep in my scrub pocket at work so I can refer to it often to see how I'm doing.


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