Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 2 : Day 6 SHFSC

Today is a great day! I am off from preschool, as our school district set this as a "Bad Weather" day, and we have already made up all of our Hurricane Ike days that were needing to be made up. SHEW! I am glad. I slept along time last night, and then dozed some this morning. I feel like I am finally catching up on my rest. Now to catch up the rest of my house. This is why I won't work full time with three children, a husband, and a home to care for. Things and people get neglected and I just can't do that to my family. Luckily we have been blessed by the Lord, and my husband has a good job where I don't have to work outside the home if I don't want to. I do teach because I feel called to ~ but it is always while my own children are in school, never a moment when they are not. I take that responsibility that God gave me very seriously and tend to contnue to do so, even when the economic crunch squeezes in. I am not condemning any women who have to or even choose to work full time ( I used to when my oldest was very little) as that is your choice and decision to have. But in my family, it just wouldn't work very well, and I am okay with that! Sure, I would love more money, but other things are taking priority over the financial aspect of it for me.

Food for the day:
B: Micro bowl omlette (3 eggs, ham, cheese, 1 TBS salsa)
L:Double Quarter pounder (NO mustard, no ketchup, no bun)
D: Roast w/ turnips (2 scrambled eggs too if I am really hungry)

Exercise for the day:
I may be taking today off. After running around like crazy literally for over a week straight, my body is yearning for a slower pace. Now, starting tomorrow, it will be kicked up in the exercise department and I will be glad to take that on. (Six days a week with NO break for the next six weeks. There aren't any holidays, and no distractions coming up so yay! ~ My anniversary, the last day of school, and a teacher luncheon is not a reason to NOT workout! I am also staying on my food plan for the next six weeks ~ no breaks!! I have a pool part coming up on May 24 that I want to feel ready for! )

There are going to be several posts today, so enjoy! I can't wait to catch up with everyone's blogs to see how you are all doing in your weightloss journeys, in your home, and whatever else you are blogging about! But for now, have a blessed Monday! May it be the best Monday ever!

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