Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week 2: Day 7 SHFSC

Today is the last day of week two in the Sizzlin Hot for Summer Challenge! I am glad the "busy" time is behind me, and now I can completely focus on my health ~ taking charge of my eating and exercise witih more ferver and passion. I am not weighing in until tomorrow. It is also shocking for me to realize I only have six weeks of school left for this school year! Amazing how time goes! With the beautiful weather we had yesterday, it simply means that our playground should be dry enough for the kids to play outside on the playground during recess.

Food for the day:
B: 3 hot dog wieners
L: Chicken and pepper quesadilla w/ cheese and salsa
D: Baked Porkchops, salad w/ blue cheese dressing

Cardio:30 minutes on the eliptical
Strength training: Arm,s, back, abs
Secondary cardio:20 minutes cycling (recumbrant)
Reward: 10 minute soak in hot tub, shower before leaving the gym

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  1. Woo Hoo..awesome workout yourself today! Keep up the motivation.



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