Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 2's NSV

I have such an amazing Non Scale Victory (NSV) to share!

'Walla go I was in the kitchen preparing to cooking some chicken and peppers to make some chicken quesadillas this week for lunches ( to give me something new and exciting to eat). I realized I didn't buy much "pantry" items, and was like WOW! I opened up my fridge, and so over joyed to see two drawers full of fresh produce! Even just six months ago, I wasn't happy when I went to the store, and I didn't fill my pantry. It didn't matter to me about the fresh fruits/veggies (fruits for kids and hubby), I cared about having enough "staples" which at that time were boxed meal accents, and tons of canned foods. Now, we eat more fresh foods then anything. In fact I spent 90 bucks at the store today, but for that I got two roasts, a bag of frozen chicken tenderloins, six pounds of hamburger meat, and tons of veggies! THAT even included laundry detergent (Gain) at the grocery store cost not Walmart. =) I was every moved! I am still so joyful about not only making better choices by desire for myself, but for my entire family too!

What is YOUR non scale related weightloss victory?

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