Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week one Day two

Day two ( thursday) food intake and exercise

B: Sauted chicken w/ cheese, bacon and ranch dressing
L; Sauted chicken w/ salad and Ranch dressing
Snack: Beef jerky, celery w/ laughing cow cheese
D: Baked chicken legs, loaded cauliflower

30min on total body eliptical
10 min on cycle (recumb.)
15 min strength training (abs, legs )

I am pondering some thoughts, but just dont' have the time tonight to express them. Hopefully over the weekend I can share more. Have a GREAT night!

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  1. Looks like you have had a great day! I may have to get some chicken out this weekend and get it done up for my lunches at work... hadn't thought about it until I saw your Sautee'd Chicken with Salad. I made some up a while back, but totally forgot about it..probably needs replaced by now...LOL.

    Great job on your workout today too! Mine consisted of 6 hours NON-stop offloading 2 applience trucks and the softlines/tools/fitness truck... I'm definately sore tonight!


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