Friday, April 10, 2009

Week one Stats for SHFSC

These are the stats for week one! Everyone did a fantastic job in my eyes! Don't let the numbers get to ya! THAT is not the purpose of this challenge! The sole purpose of this challenge, is to do the best you can do.

This was done NOT in # of pounds lost ~ but percentage of weightloss. That is the only way to ensure the "amount" that is going to be rewarded will be fair.

Challenger SW Loss CW Percentage
Heather 211.6 -6.8 204.8 Loss = 3.21%
Christine 191.4 -1.6 189.8 Loss = .84%
June 187.0 -2.0 185.0 Loss = 1.06%
Sassle 228 -2.0 226.0 Loss = .88%
Lisa 143.4 -4.4 143.4 Loss = 3.07%
Annalisa 156.5 -1.7 154.8 Loss = 1.09%
Melisa 227.4 -0.4 227.0 Loss = 0.18%
Lucrecia 227.6 -1.0 226.6 Loss = 0.44 %
Sheila 168.5 -5.0 163.5 Loss = 2.97%
Martha 220 -5.0 215.0 Loss = 2.27%

Our top challenger is on the top of the list, and then the rest of the list is listed randomly. Heather, your rockin this challenge but there are few right at your heels! Keep up the great work everyone! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF us had a loss! THAT IS AMAZING, and something to be proud of!

**IF i have forgotten to add YOUR totals to this list, please by no means take it personal. I took everyone's weigh in's off the weigh in post (with the exception of Martha who is having computer troubles and I took her's off her blog. Simple just leave a comment and I will get your totals added asap! **


  1. That is so great that everyone lost! I must say I'm happy with my loss, and wish that I would have kicked my butt into gear a long time ago, I've been battling the same 7# since November of 2008, gain, lose, gain lose! They aren't coming back this time though! Keep up the great work ladies!

  2. Great Job everyone! Together we can do this!

  3. Yay Heather! I know what you mean, battling the same lbs over and over. This is new territory for me now, and I hope I can continue to lose. Good job everyone!!!

  4. Yay Congrats Heather!

    Looks like everyone is doing great.

  5. (Sniff sniff) Thank you Sheila for being such a sweetie and keeping me in the challenge even though I didn't use the computer for a week. You are amazing and I appreciate your faith in me, you are doing AWESOME and your challenge is keeping me going. THANK YOU and congrats to everybody for their incredible weight loss!! :o)


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