Monday, April 27, 2009

You Asked for It! Part 3

Last month I opened the floor with a "You Asked For It" section, allowing my blog readers to ask me whatever may be on their minds. Some of them were spiritual, some of them dug deep to bring out some stories about my distorted relationship with food that truly started way before even third grade ended.

This week's question is from Martha! It is another very personal ( and adult related) so if you are a minor, or do not care to know of anything in the (sex) nature between my husband and I and have stumbled over this blog, please click off, or go to another entry! Don't say you havent' been warned.

The question was "After you lost weight, did your love life improve or did it remain the same?"

The answer is this. It is evolving into something beautiful again. Only because, my perception of the whole "process" is evolving. I am no longer concerned if my big thighs are in the way, I am more flexible, and to be honest, I am very comfortable in ONLY my own skin now. THAT says tons. Now, don't get me wrong, I still have my days! I have times where I just don't want to be touched or even looked at because I feel disgusting. For me, it is going to take massive healing for that to go away. It will come. I may be 80 and not even wanting it then, but complete healing of my disorder(s) will come. Now, to be honest and to be fair to my macho man ~ he would want it just the same as when I was heavier, but I was not very receptive. Now... well, let's just say we are both a bit more aggressive and are reaping many rewards from the changes!


So there you have it. Three very personal things that have been asked of me, and I have been pretty open and honest about them as I can online. If... you would like to discuss more of what I have talked about in all of my "You asked for it' series, feel free to email me anytime!

I am at the end of the question list! I would love to do more of these, because well it gives me a chance to share more of me with you then I may even think about. So, if you would like to ask a question (or want to know something personal about me) then please feel free to ask! You can post your questions in the comment section to this post or again, email me! If you would like your question to be annonymously answered, then just state that request when you send that email. If I have missed your question, then please ask again. It surely wasn't intentional.

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  1. Aw, thank you for answering my question!! I've always been pondering about my love life and if my weight loss would help it a bit :o) this answered my question perfectly!! I truly appreciate your honesty, you rock my socks off!


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