Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Saturday we spent time with family which included one of our very own military who has already done two tours in Iraq. He is now home with his family, including a two year old baby girl and lovely wife. It was our honor to spend our day with this precious family, eating, sharing, and simply just enjoying our freedom. What a huge thing we take for granted, and with the way things are turning in our own government it is so crucial to take advantage of each freedom we  have. I wont go off on that tangent on such a special day as this. My brother was in the army for a w hile, and so was stepdad. My father was in the Navy. I have a cousin whose husband was in the Navy as well. THERE IS LOTS to be thankful for ~ and I am honored to live in such a place and time as I do now.

It was nice doing all of our "celebrating" ahead of time so that now today, we can just simply relax and enjoy some grilled burgers. (YUM!). I may do some stuffed jalapenos too ~ those are so good the next day with eggs!

Have a blessed day, and please. In the very least, say a prayer for all of our military here and abroad. THEY covet our prayers!!

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