Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is the grass greener if you swap?

I am probably going to turn alot of you off by what I am about to admit to, but I love the abc show Wife Swap! IF you have never seen nor heard of this show (reside under a rock?) it takes the wives of two families and swaps homes and families with them. In every case, they basically pair up opposites and then ut them in the position of seeing if the "grass is truly greener on the other side" (or was that the motto from trading spouses?). Now, I could never participate in this kind of show because well ~ I dont' want to face the opposite of me. Make since?

So, if I would never participate why do I love it so much? I love seeing the diversity of the families. I love seeing what other famlies do ( kinda like why I love to read your thoughts on your blogs) and see if just maybe I can change smething to work better in our home/ relationships. Sometimes I have to pick my mouth up off the floor and shake it off, but wow. On Friday night, ABC runs a new episode ( or a repeat from the season), and then I will switch it to Lifetime for two more hours of old old old epsidoes. The older ones from the first and second season I have not seen all of those, so their fun to watch.

Anyway, if you have been reading any of my blogs for a while, you might remember me mentioning a book called "Facinating Womanhood". I have raved about what I have read, and to be honest I put the book down mid chapter, part of the way through the entire book and just haven't touched it since!! I have put it back in my book basket to finish this upcoming month. Anyway, the book was talked about on this show, and I am grateful. Otherwise I wouldn't have ever heard about it!

Have a blessed day, and never wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. Just do what you can to make your OWN lawn as green as it can be!


  1. I used to watch that show each week too... actually have not seen it in a long time. Maybe on the nights I work late? I don't even remember what nights...LOL I loved to watch it too and couldn't believe how some families run there households. Another show I always liked was The Nanny... it sure gave me ideas on how to change the ways I was doing thing in raising my daughter. She could sure be a handful at times with her mood swings and ADHD...

  2. I have that book I have that book! Now I just need to open it :o) I have so many lined up that must be read, thank you for the reminder (and motivation)


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