Saturday, May 9, 2009

Looking forward to Mother's Day

My heart is a bit burdened this morning as both my mother and my mother in love are ill this weekend. One is in the hospital, and the other may be there soon as well. My heart is heavy and I know that they are in God's care, but I cry out "God , please give us more time!!".  Mother's day means more to me this year then it ever has. Yes, I love being a mom, but having one alive is nice too. So, if you think about it please pray for Janice (my mom) and Reubine (mother in love). Thank you so very much!! I know God will hear your pleas.

As a Mom, I love my little ones. Yes my oldest is nine and the twins are almost 7, but they are still MY little ones. They still have lots to learn, and it is never too late to make the right changes. Every Mother's day I reflect on who I have become as a Mother and each year I am surprised at all that God has taugth me through my wee ones. I am overwhelmed with joy as I see their healthy faces! Their unconditional love, and the way they forget the punishments but remember the lessons are so just awe inspiring. This year, as you allow your family to share their joy in you being a mom ~ thank them for being them! I wouldnt' be a mom without my children! I wouldnt' be a mom without my husband! This is not my day to "expect" to be spoiled, but it is my day to share my love and joy with those that matter the very most in my life.

Tomorrow at church, the choir is singing a special with one of our Worship team leaders. It is a song that he wrote, and it is so touching. I am wondering how many of us Mom's are going to get through it without shedding a tear or two. What an honor it will be to sing with JoJo on this song. He is so talented, and in his talents his desire to serve the Lord shines through.

As you begin your prep for Sunday morning, May you be so inspired to overly bless your family! May you be so inspired to embrace each moment God has given you on that glorious day to seek his presence, and be blessed by his blessings for you.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Sheila... I'm sure it will be blessed.

  2. Aw, I hope both of your mothers feel better soon. Please keep us updated on their physical health, thank you! Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

  3. I have left something special for you over on my blog!


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