Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My personal end to SHFS Challenge


That's right! I ended this thing back into the 150's, in fact just 1/2 pound ligher then my lightest weight as an adult! I am just in awe right now. And I must be personal ( cause when am I not?), I have a 'visitor' that is probably keeping that number rather then dropping like it might would have! So, despite that I am stoked! Just 19 more to go until I hit my goal but only 16 more and I will no longer be deemed "overweight" by the BMI chart! (When I hit 137, it would be 90 pounds that I have lost total!) So, in more ways then one, this challenge has liberated me, and made me realize I am still worth the struggle that it is has been, I am worth every ounce of self control it takes to say no to food that just aren't good for you. They ar eNOT good for anyone!

When I hit that 137 I will evaluate my body and see what needs work, if I need to lose more, or if I am fine. =)

Thanks again to all those who participated, and to those who were cheering on the sidelines! You guys RAWK, and I will forever be grateful for you support and kindness.


  1. Welcome to the 150's. Isn't it great? I'll tell you what, it was a huge adjustment for me at first, but when reality sinks in, you'll find that your confidence in yourself and the way you look makes a 360 degree turn around. I can now feel myself being "overweight" or "chubby around the middle" instead of "FAT". What a wonderful wonderful gift.

    Hey, and no worries about your diet, either - want to make it clear. I think it's so great that you are back to your "old self" (or the same motivated, pumped up, ready to rock gal I first met) instead of being confused about where to go, what to do. Whatever works for you, and I have to agree - it's working! I, for one, am very proud of the courage you've shone to us. I admire you and think you are an amazing woman Mrs. Shiela :)

    Sorry, just trying to be honest, though reading back I kinda sound like a stalker... which I'm not! LOL okay, I'll go now :)

  2. Congratulations... 156 is great! I'm proud of you.


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