Monday, May 25, 2009

NSV Monday

One of the biggest positive aspects of weightloss are all the NSV's (Non Scale Victories) that come along with the journey! So if Cbs can have CSI Thursday, I can have NSV Mondays! *giggle*

If I commit to sharing all those weekly NSV's, it is going to keep me accountable for looking at the good things! And for that I am grateful! It is going to be very hard though, always looking for those NSV, but it is something I need. It is something all of us need.

With that said, here are my NSV's for this past week:

*School is out, and now I can enjoy time at home!

*One of my brother in loves, who never mentions anything about noticing someone's weight change (he is very sensitive like that), asked me at a family get together "Are you working out?" That was his way of saying he was noticing a change, even since Christmas.

*"Are you still losing weight?" ~ from a parent at the school. I haven't lost much weight as of late, but inches I can say YES to!

*My sister in love said "Sheila, you lost more!". Uhm, no! I haven't, but thank you! I proceeded to tell he rmy weight, and she was just against it! She said I looked like Maybe 130 at most ~ which is a great thing! I dont' see myself as others, so it is nice to know what others see from time to time.

That is about it.


  1. Love it! I would like to have NSV Mondays on my blog . . . is that okay?

  2. Thanks! And Yes, it is perfectly okay to have NSV Monday's on your blog too!!

  3. Way to go with your NSV this week... I've had a couple also... remember how I said I bought a size 6 Lee jean a few weeks ago, but still in size 8 with Levi...well, I bought size 6 Levi this week too... and, I've had to tighten the band on my watch some...LOL.



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