Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Order is needed

I realized when I arose yesterday morning that some things  needed to change within me. Big things. Things that have been hindering and hiding, needed to be removed, and exposed. I put my gym account on hold, and will not be obsessing over the workouts anymore. To be honest, I am so stinkin sore this morning, just from doing squats on my own yesterday morning! With all the uupcoming swimming we will be doing, I am confident that I will still continue to lean out without so much "obsession".

So, with my gym time yesterday I orgainzed the kids room again. That was on my list to do next week, so there ya go! I am excited it is done. Now.... if it will just stay the same! there is more to come, but I have to jet to work now! Have a blessed morning.


  1. Have fun organizing the house, hop over to my house when you're done :o) just kidding ;-)

  2. YAY! LOL me too... I logged on "Flylady" again last night, and jotted down some terrific ideas to begin implementing. I'm stoked... I already went through the girls room, and started cleaning under the couch... and I'm starting a weekly after school cooking activity with the kids! You're doing great Sheila.


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