Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sermon Thoughts Sun May 17, 09

In our church, we are going through a series called "Caught in the crossfire". It is really an intresting series because in reality it is our Pastor and his wife sharing their story about when they were held hostage while ministering to prisoners in the Philipines (Manilla to be exact) back in the 70's.

They are showing slides of actual footage (media coverage), and sharing their stories throughout this journey of theirs. Then, they break to share how WE can apply what they learned into our every day life.

I missed last week because a few of us just weren't feel very well, but this morning I was just in awe. I dont' want to wait till next week to hear more ~ but of course I have to. BOO!

Today's was basically on "getting equipped" to handle a crisis. Pastor shared that whatever is built up within you ~ is what is going to come out naturally when your faced with a crisis, or something tramatic. If fear and unbelief is inside of you ~ then fear and unbelief will come come out. It was just very interesting for me, and very personal. Especially when going through what we went through this weekend. ( a few posts back)

Then as I was leaving, I am approached with questions, that I am sure are directly from the Holy Spirit.
1. Are you equipped properly Sheila?
2. What can you do to get there?

There have been many instances that have drove me straight to the feet of God. In tears,pain, and sorrow I run to Him. But do I have enough built up in me, if I had to face such a thing?

Just something to ponder!

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