Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SHFS Challenge FINAL Weigh in!! *You snooze you lose*

It's that time ladies!! The final weigh in (WED May 27th ) for Sizzling Hot For Summer Challenge! Remember it is the one person who lost the greatest percentage of body weight who will be deemed the winner!

*Please post your weight here in this post (comment section)*

*Post a scale shot on your OWN blog!*

*If you would like to post your "after" shot feel free to!*

Thanks for sharing in this weight week journey with me. I have hit a new milestone while sharing this walk with you, more on that will be shared another time. I have some more blogging to do, but will with hold any new entry until after Wednesday May 27th, in order for this post to be available on weigh in day! Stats will be posted on Thursday morning, so please get your weigh in's in on time! ~ A WINNER HAS BEEN DETERMINED!


  1. My weight today was the same as yesterday, but I will undoubtedly take it! 156. With the arrival of my husband's aunt (haa haa ~ aunt flow), that is a good number and I am proud of my hard work and determination at the end of this challenge.

    SW: 168.5
    CW: 156
    Amount lost this week: 3 pounds
    Amount lost for challenge: 12.5

  2. My weight has stayed the same since Monday 245 lbs which I will definitely take.

    SW: 268
    CW: 245
    Amount lost this week: 4 lbs
    Amount lost for challenge: 23 lbs

    Congrats Sheila and Good Luck to everyone, it's been a really fun ride with you ladies. I so enjoyed getting to know you all I feel sad that it's ended.


  3. Congrats on the weight losses girls... and by NO MEANS has it ended... we've just begun! I'm still going to be hanging around the blog world with my updates so we can still be there for one another...

    BW: 143.4
    CW: 139.2

    Total Weight Loss for challenge: 4.2 lbs.

    I've posted pics over on my blog so go check them out. I can't believe the difference in my arms and abs in just 8 weeks! Wonder what it would have been like had I followed my plans better...


  4. Congrats to all on your loss' for this challenge, the loss' prior to the challenge and certainly those ye to come!

    I don't think I ever gave an actual weight last week (because I didnt' want to own up to what a horrible time I'd had but perhaps it wasn't "true" weight gain because it all came off and then some!!

    BW: 227.4
    This wk loss: 6.8
    CW: 219.4

    Total loss for challenge: 8lbs!

    I'm so happy to be in a new decade and hope to continue losing at a rate of about 5lbs/month. Its a good safe rate and will get me where I want to be in time for my cruise next Feb. Can't wait.

  5. A big congrats to everyone! I wish I could end on a better note myself but you are all an inspiration. <3

    SW: 191.4
    CW: 187.8
    Amount lost for challenge: 3.6 lbs

    ((This is gonna sound like sour grapes but I think my toddler banged my scale around one too many times because my fluctuations have been insane this week!))

  6. I'm a sour grape Christine :P I've stayed at the same weight for weeks now at 205 lbs... but really, I gained like 3 pounds every week and lost the 3 pounds so it's been a battle to maintain the 205 so I am proud of myself :)

    SW: 220
    CW: 205
    Total weight loss: 15 lbs

    Sheila, I fear I'm not able to finish the challenge the correct way because my husband loaned his camera to his sister & I don't know when she's giving it back :( I'm sorry, I just found out this morning! :*(

  7. I know Sassle and Martha kicked BUTT on this challenge as well as Sheila. Congrats to all of us for being determined to make healthy choices. You gals all ROCK!

    My weight today is 179. So total loss for the challenge is 8 pounds. I posted the scale photo and this morning's photo of me on my blog. My own challenge will be to STAY in the 70's - even at night - and continue the downward trend. :-D

    Path to Health

  8. Okay, scale still broke, so I will just have to claim no change since last week -

    Starting weight: 156.5
    Final weight: 151.7
    Total loss: 4.8 lbs

    I'll try to find a scale today, but it won't be consistent because I usually weigh in the morning and this will be mid-day with all clothes on. I don't think I've changed since last week, pretty sure. Not that I am interested at all in scale numbers right now anyway ;)

    Hey! Great job gals.

    And thank you forever Ms Sheila for inspiring all of us to lose all this weight. Can you please add up all the lbs loss between us all... and include that number in your personal loss, because you deserve the credit honey. You've done a special thing in all of our lives - THANK YOU!

  9. SW: 211.6#
    CW: 206.4#

    Total Loss: 5.2#

    Although I did not do as well as I had hoped, I am pleased that I actually lost some! I bounced back and forth so much during this challenge, my low was 201#, I can do better, and will do better! Thanks again for the wonderful challenge Sheila, I really appreciate it, as well as the support of everyone!


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