Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SHFS Challenge Week 5 Weigh In (May 6th)

You gals have done great this week! I have been reading your blogs, just havent had alot of time to respond to your blogs, or even your comments on there. Thank you for all the encouraging comments you have all left over the last month. You are an amazing group of women!

Time to weigh in (well on WED it will, so come back tomorrow if it isn't in your time zone yet!)! I kept the info from last week, so, you can just give this weeks stats and be done! Yay me for finally "getting my act together"! LOL

I am posting this early ( for Analissa =) Love ya hun!), and I will not post any more "blog" entries until tomorrow evening, so this one doesn't get lost so easy. So.. onward with the weigh in! (Mine own will be in the comments after 5:30 am CST on 5/6)


  1. Thanks Sheila!!!

    Unfortunately, I can't be of any inspiration to y'all this week :(

    Starting weight: 156.5
    Last week: 151.2
    Current: 151.7
    Gain this week: .5 lb

    It could have been worse I suppose. And I'm still down a total of 4.8lbs. Always looking on the bright side :) Good luck ladies!!!

  2. I weighed in this morning at 163.5. The crazy thing is, I am okay with that! I mean come on.... Monday I was at 166.5 so all is well with me. AND I am eating like a (GASP)normal person! HA!

    I noticed my bodyline is changing a bit ~ and things I wanted to slim are slimming! Overall the gain of 1.5 from last week, is very well worth it.

  3. Starting weight: 143.3
    Last week: 136
    Current: 136.9
    Gain this week: .9 lb
    total loss: 6.4 lb

  4. Start weight: 191.4
    Last week: 187.8
    This week: 191.6
    Gain this week: +3.8

    I know you said you just needed this weeks weight but I like to see my totals all lined up. Bad week for me but should be back down by next week.

    Congrats on your slimming in the right places! <3

  5. Please, please allow me to jump in now before someone shows a loss and breaks the unfortunate trend that seems to have consumed this weeks "progress".

    Start Weight: 227.4
    Last Week: 222.2
    This Week: 222.4
    Chg this Wk: + 0.2

    I have decided to focus on NSVs when I post later since the scale seemed to want to be cruel. (lol, certainly it was not simply responding to actions on my part!)

  6. Here are my stats for the week:

    Starting weight: 268
    Last week: 258
    Current: 254.5
    Loss this week: 3.5 lbs
    total loss: 13.5 lbs

    Have a great week everyone <3


  7. Congrats for sticking with it everyone!


  8. Starting weight - 187
    Last week - 185
    This week - 181
    4lbs gone from last week, 6 total for challenge.

    Path to Health

  9. Oops, I meant 202*.. I'm not over 1,000 pounds yet LOL

  10. Starting weight: 220
    Last week: 207
    Current: 1202
    Loss this week: 5 lb
    total loss: 18 lbs

    Not bad, I maintained last week so I am happy I finally lost some weight. Whew!

    Your challenge is definitely a HUGE motivation tool for me, thank you Sheila!

  11. Starting Weight: 211.6
    Last Week: 204.8
    Loss This Week: -1.8#
    Total Loss: -8.6#


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